Deliver broadcast-quality video over IP with the software-define video platform.


The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is the tight integration of four components that enable broadcast-quality live video workflows to be intelligently and centrally provisioned, deployed, managed and monitored using software and integrated devices, regardless of the underlying network infrastructure. It is the four components of the SDVP (Protocols & Containers, Video Solutions Stack, Intelligent Data Platform, and ZEN Master) working together that leads to superior video distribution over IP for our customers.

Protocols & Containers

Future-Proof Transport

Zixi provides an industry-leading congestion and network-aware protocol that dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs forward error correction techniques for error-free video transport over IP, with up to 45% packet loss recovery and ultra-low latency delivery as low as 300 ms. Zixi accepts 17 integrated protocols and containers: Zixi, NDI, RIST, RTP, RTP+FEC, UDP, HLS, CMAF HLS, Low Latency HLS, DASH, RTMP, SRT, Multipath TCP, TCP BBR, RTSP, HTTP, WebRTC.

Video Solutions Stack

Media Gateway

Zixi's Video Solutions Stack provides essential tools and core media processing functions that enable broadcasters to transport live video over any IP network, correcting for packet loss and jitter. This software manages all supported protocols, collects analytics, and layers intelligence on top of the protocols such as bonding and patented hitless failover across any configuration and any IP infrastructure, allowing users to achieve 5-nines of reliability.

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Bringing 10+ Disparate Hardware and Software Solutions
all under one platform

Intelligent Data Platform

Video AI Ops

Zixi's Intelligent Data Platform helps simplify broadcast operations and reduce costs by using machine learning and Zixi's unique video telemetry data to expose patterns and insights that help customers focus their resources, perform predictive maintenance to fix errors before they occur, and conduct better root cause analysis.

ZEN Master

Control Plane

Zixi provides control over large complex networks with ZEN Master, our Live Video Orchestration and Telemetry Control Plane. This cloud-based interface provides visual tools to configure, orchestrate, manage and monitor live broadcast channels at scale across industry protocols and the entire supply chain of Zixi-integrated devices.

The SDVP delivers outstanding performance at low predictable latency, superior reliability, no packet loss, and broadcast-grade video quality (SD, HD, and UHD) with no tradeoffs in video or audio delay, resolution or stutter.

Streaming from one Zixi-enabled device/server to another protects every stream from quality degradations along an IP network path. Overcoming the network conditions inherent in the public Internet where the number of network errors, packet loss, jitter and out-of-order packets fluctuates second-by-second has been addressed flawlessly by the SDVP for more than ten years. To date we've delivered over 20,000 streams in over 100 countries around the world.
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The SDVP is a flexible IP video workflow solution that can be cloud-based, server-based or a hybrid.


The SDVP can be configured for a wide variety of cloud, on-premise, or hybrid workflows and works with Linux and Windows appliances.  Our software is integrated into over 300 encoder, decoder, cloud multiscreen, and cloud playout partners, and through dozens of service provider partners in the Zixi Enabled Network. The entire SDVP is designed to be orchestrated at scale with ZEN Master

Feed. Broadcast. Receive.

Zixi for Live Linear

The SDVP helps content providers to distribute live linear, broadcast-quality video in large-scale point-to-point or multipoint configurations with precisely-tuned latency. Localized channels and boutique content collections can be delivered anywhere on the planet, quickly, easily, and securely, with redundancy configurations to suit any type of content and budget.

With the Zixi Enabled Network, service providers can ingest channels from content providers, aggregate content from multiple sources, and distribute to partners around the globe, without the expense and rigidity of satellite and fiber business models.

Zixi for Live Events

The Zixi Enabled Network enables live content to be ingested and distributed as live event streams globally anywhere there is an IP connection, and allow for the ingest of high bit rate streams from event venues to be transcoded for multiscreen and CDN delivery in one step. Leverage Zixi’s integrated Zixi Enabled Network partners for deployment solutions at event locations at costs satellite and fiber can't meet. The flexibility of our software, and huge number of OEM and service partners, greatly simplifies live event logistics and gives you new options to explore previously untapped revenue opportunities.

Cloud delivery
Zixi as a Service (ZaaS)

Zixi as a Service (ZaaS) replaces traditional satellite and fiber with public cloud solutions that offer a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for low latency delivery of live broadcast-quality content. This service delivers plug-and-play enterprise solutions in the cloud, supporting redundancy, failover, processing, and distribution. With ZaaS, media companies can easily extend existing on-premise infrastructures and capabilities to the cloud, without the hassle of managing infrastructure.