High-Efficiency Delivery with Protected Multicast

Bandwidth Efficient Multicast Delivery Protected by Zixi

The Software-Defined Video Platform(SDVP) enables media organizations, IPTV operators and enterprises to deploy secure, scalable and bandwidth efficient Zixi protected multicast distribution.

Multicast video delivery offers significant benefits over standard point-to-point unicast streaming models, but must be managed to ensure compatibility, security and visibility are preserved throughout the distribution process, with Zixi alone able to provide a scalable, resilient and secure solution over unmanaged networks. The only solution that provides advanced visibility to the receiving network, Zixi is the only protocol that can multicast outside of push mode, meaning that multicast addresses do not have to be determined in advance of video delivery, making for a more flexible and seamless one-to-many or many-to-many transport solution over any IP.

Zixi Protected Multicast seamlessly bridges stream delivery to maximize bandwidth efficiency

Media teams are tasked with managing complex video delivery to a myriad of playback devices across a mix of networks and establishing direct connections to every client can result in an excess requirement for channel origination. Zixi enables operations teams to seamlessly bridge unicast and multicast distribution, optimizing bandwidth utilization for clients and target destinations where multicast delivery can be supported while preserving complete security and visibility for every connection.

The SDVP enables global media organizations to deliver and manage live, broadcast-quality video across any IP, any protocol, any cloud, and any edge device with low latency, total reliability, and the highest-security protection.

As more and more media companies shift towards virtualizing their infrastructures, the SDVP allows both on premise and remote users to easily and cost-effectively maintain business continuity and securely orchestrate, manage and monitor broadcast quality, low latency live video workflows from anywhere in the world. With Zixi protected multicast, content owners can efficiently send video to multiple destinations over IP without increasing server load and network traffic.


Zixi Protected Multicast Solves Delivery Issues

Leveraging multicast for live video delivery over IP networks provides many benefits but can create new challenges for organizations.

Zixi ensures that high value live video assets that traverse unmanaged and managed networks are clean, optimized and guaranteed quality.

  • Multicast Interoperability: Delivery over unmanaged networks limits availability of multicast. Zixi seamlessly blends unicast and multicast distribution, ensuring interoperability.
  • Telemetry / Connection Visibility: Multicast client connection typically do not provide any telemetry. Zixi supports establishing a handshake with each multicast client, providing robust visibility and alerting capabilities.
  • Managed Multicast Connection Security: Multicast delivery can lead to a loss of secure access enforcement. With Zixi Protected Multicast each client connection can be individually authorized within a managed connection.

Zixi Advantages

Bandwidth Optimization & Interoperability

Reduce infrastructure utilization, streamline hardware footprints, and reduce unnecessary traffic. Easily implement Zixi Protected Multicast to dramatically reduce bandwidth requirements while maintaining auto fallback to Unicast for clients or remote office nodes that may have challenges receiving multicast.

Enhanced QoS

Maintain enhanced QoS across private networks including lower quality circuits. Forward Error Correction is enabled to each multicast client, while Zixi’s ARQ implementation supports efficient re-transmission and congestion avoidance.

Scalability and Resilience

Zixi software is multi-threaded and hyper-efficient, achieving over 6Gb of sustained throughput per node. Zixi uniquely offers seamless hitless failover for multicast clients, ensuring continuous streaming delivery even in the event of loss of signal, while Zixi bonding support dynamically and intelligently manages fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency of individual connections in real-time, to choose the optimal path to route IP packets.

Centralized Management & Visibility

Zixi ZEN Master can orchestrate, monitor and report stream attributes across segments and traverse managed and unmanaged IP networks with a unified control plane. Extend visibility to endpoints downstream with Zixi protected multicast while architecting and securely deploying workflows across diverse cloud platforms, global regions and private networks that maximize available bandwidth and optimize throughput.

Zixi Protected Multicast Use Cases

Hybrid Zixi Protected Multicast with Unicast fallback can easily be enabled, and where deployed, can offer significant bandwidth efficiencies without sacrificing control, security or compatibility.

Hybrid Private/Unmanaged Network Delivery

Stream live channels on private network connections while monitoring client connections and preserving connection security

Telco / IPTV Client Distribution

Leverage multicast delivery for popular channels on to connected TVs and STBs, while dynamically falling back to unicast for off-net distribution

Remote Facility Origin

Deliver a single stream between facilities while originating multicast delivery within remote facilities where supported

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