Zixi Broadcast Cloud Services and Video Remote Management

Enabling remote monitoring and cloud broadcast services for business continuity

Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP®) enables video broadcast companies to migrate their workflow control points from on-premise infrastructures with local operational and engineering resources to remotely managed workflows that leverage existing infrastructures and extend those capabilities to the Cloud (public and private) while allowing the agility, flexibility, scale and security with the Quality of Service that professional broadcast requires.

Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane facilitates remote management by providing a unified view to the IP media supply chain from content acquisition through media processing to delivery to social platforms, OTT targets and traditional IRDs across the distribution landscape.

As a SaaS model, ZEN Master enables remote management, orchestration, monitoring, analytics, reporting and automation across the Zixi SDVP with low latency, high uptime, superior quality resulting in the high Quality of Experience (QoE) consumers demand.

Broadcast Cloud Services and Remote Management Use Cases that Zixi supports:

  • Live Video Broadcast Cloud Services for Contribution and Signal Acquisition:
    Zixi’s SDVP offers cloud-based services that facilitate the seamless contribution and acquisition of video signals. This ensures a reliable and scalable solution for broadcasting content in real-time.

  • Remote Production and At-Home Live Streaming:
    The platform enables remote production capabilities, allowing broadcasters to produce live content from different locations. Additionally, it supports at-home live streaming, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness in content production.

  • Provision Live Streams for Editors: 
    Zixi’s SDVP allows the provisioning of live streams specifically tailored for editors. This ensures that content creators have access to high-quality, real-time streams for efficient editing processes.

  • Support for Remote Directors, Producers, and Graphics Operators:
    The platform facilitates remote collaboration by providing support for directors, producers, and graphics operators. This enables these key stakeholders to contribute to the broadcast workflow from any location.

  • Live Linear Monitoring and System Health Maintenance:
    Zixi’s SDVP includes live linear monitoring features, ensuring continuous oversight of the broadcasting workflow. This includes real-time system health maintenance to address and resolve any issues promptly.

  • Engineers Can Launch New Workflows and Set Configurations from Anywhere:
    Engineers have the flexibility to initiate and manage new workflows and configurations remotely. This capability enhances operational efficiency and allows for quick adaptation to changing requirements.

  • Remote NOC Operations Across Global Sources and Delivery Targets: 
    Zixi’s SDVP supports remote Network Operations Center (NOC) operations, providing a centralized hub for monitoring and managing global sources and delivery targets.

  • Remote Workflow Orchestration with Telemetry Across Network, Audio, and Video Metrics:
    The platform enables remote workflow orchestration with detailed telemetry across network, audio, and video metrics. This ensures comprehensive insights into the performance of each element within the broadcasting workflow.

  • Performance of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Across the Media Supply Chain: 
    Zixi’s SDVP allows for the performance of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) across the entire media supply chain, aiding in the identification and resolution of issues impacting the broadcast process.

  • Visibility to IP Workflows and Signal Paths Across the Organization: 
    The platform provides visibility into IP workflows and signal paths across the entire organization. This transparency extends from engineering teams to operational staff and executives, fostering better communication and decision-making.

  • Public and Private Cloud-Based Acquisition, Traversal, and Delivery: 
    Zixi’s SDVP supports both public and private Cloud environments for the acquisition, transport, and delivery of content. This ensures flexibility and adaptability to diverse broadcasting needs.

  • Ease VPN Congestion While Acquiring Feeds Securely:
    The platform addresses VPN congestion challenges, providing a secure method for acquiring feeds with an impressive reliability rate of 99.999% to both the Cloud and the open internet.

  • Optimize Low Latency Regionally and Globally:
    Zixi’s SDVP optimizes low latency, ensuring that broadcasts maintain minimal delay both regionally and globally. This is crucial for delivering a seamless and responsive viewing experience.

  • Zixi Protocol to Traverse Congested IP Networks: 
    The proprietary Zixi protocol is employed to effectively traverse congested IP networks, ensuring robust and efficient data transmission even in challenging network conditions.

  • Zixi On Air App for Remote Contribution from Mobile Devices: 
    The Zixi On Air app enhances accessibility by allowing remote contribution of video broadcasts directly from mobile devices. This feature empowers content creators to contribute to live broadcasts from virtually anywhere.

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