Zixi Broadcast Cloud Services and Video Remote Management

Enabling remote monitoring and cloud broadcast services for business continuity

Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) enables video broadcast companies to migrate their workflow control points from on-premise infrastructures with local operational and engineering resources to remotely managed workflows that leverage existing infrastructures and extend those capabilities to the Cloud (public and private) while allowing the agility, flexibility, scale and security with the Quality of Service that professional broadcast requires.

Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane facilitates remote management by providing a unified view to the IP media supply chain from content acquisition through media processing to delivery to social platforms, OTT targets and traditional IRDs across the distribution landscape.

As a SaaS model, ZEN Master enables remote management, orchestration, monitoring, analytics, reporting and automation across the Zixi SDVP with low latency, high uptime, superior quality resulting in the high Quality of Experience (QoE) consumers demand.

Broadcast Cloud Services and Remote Management Use Cases that Zixi supports:

  • Live video broadcast cloud services for contribution and signal acquisition
  • Remote production and at home live streaming
  • Provision live streams for editors
  • Support remote directors, producers and graphics operators
  • Live linear monitoring and system health maintenance
  • Engineers can launch new workflows and set configurations from anywhere
  • Remote NOC operations across global sources and delivery targets
  • Remote workflow orchestration with telemetry across network, audio and video metrics
  • Performance of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) across the media supply chain
  • Visibility to IP workflows and signal paths across the organization from engineering to operations and executives
  • Public and private Cloud based acquisition, traversal and delivery
  • Ease VPN congestion while acquiring feeds securely with 99.999% reliability to the Cloud and open internet
  • Optimize low latency regionally and globally
  • Zixi protocol to traverse congested IP networks
  • Zixi On Air app for remote contribution of video broadcast from mobile devices

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