Zixi Quick Dives: Debunking Free Protocols

Real world costs of “free” protocols and the associated savings with the use of the industry leading Zixi Protocol

Ultra-low Latency WebRTC with Zixi + Red5

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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the Industry

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A Complete Platform for Live Video Distribution

The Zixi SDVP® is the industry leader for enabling live broadcast-quality video over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud and any edge device.

The Global Leader for Broadcast-Quality Live Video Over IP

Deliver live video over any IP Network, any protocol, any cloud provider, or edge device.

The Zixi Enabled Network

Enabling the Largest Global Ecosystem for Live Video

Global Zixi Instances
Media Customers
Technology Partners
Daily Telemetry Data Points
Live Sporting Events Annually

Zixi Enabled Network

The Most Sustainable & Cost-Effective Solution

An ecosystem/network with 1,000+ media companies and 400+ technology partners globally exchanging live video, creating powerful acceleration of new content acquisition, new business models, new opportunities to reduce cost and new opportunities to generate revenue. The Zixi Enabled Network’s value is much greater than the sum of its parts.

The Zixi Protocol, along with SDVP®, is the most sustainable and cost-effective solution available, on average requiring 50% less bandwidth and 95% less compute while being 14x more port efficient and saving 50% of egress costs.

Enabling Customers to:

  • Take advantage of 15+ years of Zixi expertise and innovation of patented technology deployed globally by the most important media organizations and their valuable live and linear content
  • Eliminate risk with proven solutions utilized by over 1,000+ media companies
  • Have an easy way for the implementation and management of complex workflows to contribute or distribute content for quicker time to value and return
  • Utilize an ultra-scalable platform where Zixi is the only solution that has many customers live with thousands of streams per workflow
  • Future proof solutions with Zixi’s operational ability on any IP network, any cloud provider and any of 17 supported protocols
  • Reduce cost dramatically, typically saving 50% to 75% over traditional workflows


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