Zixi Broadcast Over IP: Transitioning from Satellite

Achieve higher uptimes with IP streaming

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) provides a higher quality, cost-effective alternative to replace or augment satellite distribution. The SDVP makes it easy for media companies to deliver broadcast over IP networks, securely, cost-effectively and at scale. As many content providers look to virtualize their infrastructure to broadcast over IP networks, they are increasingly turning to the SDVP to replace satellite delivery for all of their IP streaming needs.

Deliver Over Any IP Network with the SDVP®

The SDVP revolutionizes the delivery of broadcast-quality video across any IP network, protocol, cloud provider, or edge device. It offers a comprehensive and scalable solution for transporting, monitoring, and managing live video. Comprising four key components – Protocols, Video Solutions Stack, ZEN Master, and the Zixi Enabled Network – the SDVP delivers unparalleled capabilities for live video distribution. Its interoperability makes it a universal video gateway, facilitating the deployment of live video workflows among a vast ecosystem of media organizations and IP networks through a single, comprehensive software-based platfor


Reduced Costs

For many content providers, the transition away from satellite delivery is driven by cost. Satellite and transponder time is very expensive with long-term commitments depending on where the signal is being sent. Zixi’s technology enables providers to save as much as 50% over traditional satellite delivery.

Improved Uptime

Our technology allows providers to achieve higher uptimes then satellite delivery. Clients can count on 99.999% or higher reliability when delivering video over IP networks depending upon the architecture.

Increased Visibility

Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane provides end-to-end visibility and enables media organizations to easily manage, orchestrate and monitor highly complex delivery workflows.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our agnostic technology enables organizations to future-proof their technology stack with solutions that can easily adapt to new formats, manage new delivery options and exploit new opportunities.

Customizable Technology

With support for SCTE markers and traditional features like closed captioning, Zixi enables media organizations to customize programming and ad insertion to take advantage of evolving markets and revenue opportunities.

Zixi for Contribution

Zixi provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to satellite contribution. Transitioning off of satellite for live video delivery can be a daunting task, with many elements to coordinate across operational, engineering and administrative teams. Contribution with Zixi over IP or hybrid IP networks is simple and offers a seamless migration from traditional pathways for delivery. As a software-solution, broadcasters can instantly spin up a Zixi contribution workflow without extensive coordination between multiple parties. To send live video with Zixi, simply provide a host name and an IP address to send the content.

Zixi for Distribution

Zixi makes it easy to deliver content to a variety of endpoints across a range of geographies. The SDVP gives content providers the flexibility to send live video to multiple endpoints through one comprehensive platform, with the added benefit of capturing data from every endpoint where the content is delivered to confirm that it ran as intended. Expand or remove endpoints at any time with the click of a button, and to add an instance for a live event you can spin up and down Zixi instances for content delivery as needed. Zixi allows users to easily activate additional delivery targets anywhere in the world without the need to navigate different geographical satellite providers and fiber lines, making it easy to add new markets to your distribution at a lower cost.

From Satellite to IP

Case Study with Music Choice

As C-band spectrum is re-allocated to accommodate for 5G development, forward-thinking media companies are adopting IP networks as a more flexible and efficient alternative to satellite for live content delivery.

This case study describes how American television music provider Music Choice made the switch from satellite to primary distribution over IP using the SDVP and its flexible infrastructure to deliver broadcast quality video over IP networks securely, reliably and cost-effectively at scale.

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