Zixi Corporate Social Responsibilities

Zixi understands that we are not operating in a technology bubble. Our actions have an impact on our community, our customers and our planet. Zixi takes these responsibilities seriously, continuously investing in delivering a SUSTAINABLE, SOCIALLY AWARE and EQUITABLE future in our industry.

As the global leader in live video delivery over IP, Zixi is committed to sustainable business practices that will help our customers and partners adapt to future business requirements with ease. Though our focus as a company is to deliver our customers the lowest latency broadcast-quality streaming over IP globally, Zixi recognizes the impact and responsibility our company can have on our planet and those in it as we continue to grow.

As an organization, that means recognizing and taking action to promote an environmentally-conscious and socially-aware workplace with a holistic look at how we approach our technology and our business practices so that we can help our customers and partners thrive in the future media environment.


  • Aligning our customers financial and environmental goals leads to one primary driver that has been built in to the fabric of what Zixi delivers: EFFICIENCY. As 2021 drew to a close Zixi released several enhancements that resulted in nearly double the compute efficiency and channel density of the market leading Zixi SDVP.
  • Data processing, transcode, AI/ML analysis and big data visualization are important features for our customers. Leveraging more energy efficient ARM processors, ultra-scalable FPGA based transcoding and streamlined purpose built ML, Zixi is already seeing gains in efficiency while simultaneously improving video quality and enhancing the carrier-grade reliability that our customers demand.
  • By enabling IP video distribution and software defined video delivery, Zixi helps companies maximize utilization of resources. Being able to scale out when needed and tear down infrastructure when it’s no longer in use is a huge driver of efficiency.
  • Recognizing the impact travel can have on the environment, we’ve reduced our international travel to reduce our carbon footprint, requiring travel only when necessary. Our in-office requirements are light and our travel will be approved only when it is required.


  • Zixi aims to reflect an environment that represents the world in which we live, therefore we strive to hire a diverse workforce and in the past year we have grown our workforce to include more women and people of color.
  • Zixi is committed to hiring a diverse global workforce to address the unique video needs of customers and partners all over the world.

Social & Communal

  • Supporting local events not simply for promotional purposes, but to contribute to causes worth it
  • Charitable donations inside and outside of Waltham, the Greater Boston area
  • For example, in August 2021 Zixi sponsored the Women’s Tennis Association Thoreau Tennis Open in Concord, Massachusetts, and associated Players benefit in support of the Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center, an organization which provides health and wellness programming for thousands of Boston’s under-served communities annually.
  • If you have any questions about Zixi’s CSR practices, or ways we can reduce our footprint while progressing our societies, please contact us. We are always looking to improve the world in any way we can.