Multi Cloud Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

Cloud-Scale, Video Optimized and Cost Effective Reliability

Experience ~100% uptime with Zixi’s patent pending hitless failover that provides redundant transmission options for high reliability and disaster recovery with ZaaS as part of a multi-cloud distribution strategy to bond and load balance diverse internet or fiber circuits for increased high availability between facilities and across regions. ZaaS provides a completely redundant video pipeline protecting against all failure scenarios deployed in geographically diverse data centers and, on both the sending and receiving sides, Zixi software is connected to independent ISPs employing hitless failover for maximum reliability.

Zixi-as-a-Service (ZaaS) Delivers Cost-Optimized Cloud Redundancy

Media organization have increasingly moved live video operations, channel distribution and origination to the cloud unlocking the agility and scale that are the hallmarks of modern video operations. However, high-profile intermittent outages at leading public cloud providers has created urgency around ensuring channel availability and operational continuity in the cloud.

ZaaS for Disaster Recovery

ZaaS simplifies disaster recovery in a cost-optimized and operationally efficient model. Live channels can be concurrently routed for highly effective disaster recovery enabling rapid client playback and partner distribution recovery in the event of an outage in the primary egress path.

  • Scale out ZaaS infrastructure in multiple cloud regions
  • Manage channel ingress without incurring cloud egress fees for channel distribution until required
  • When active, ZaaS egress rates are significantly lower than public cloud
  • Zixi ZEN Master orchestrates and centrally monitors live channel distribution across ZaaS and public cloud provider delivery paths
  • Disaster recovery can be automated across cloud regions and high priority channels can be actively distributed with Zixi Sequenced Hitless Failover

ZaaS Advantages for Multi-Cloud Strategies

ZaaS provides broadcast infrastructure as a service, enabling media companies and service providers to quickly leverage IP to ingest and distribute live video with ultra-low latency, allowing the push or pull of live and live linear video into or out of the cloud. With this service broadcasters can easily scale to add new partners, leveraging ZaaS for video processing as well as the additional data, analytics, security and Quality of Service that professional broadcast requires.

Centralized Management & Security

  • Access and manage local, remote and cloud-based devices from a single screen
  • Supports multi-partner supply chains and the ability to remotely access and administer encoders and IRDs on ZEN Master connected networks
  • Enable scheduling and automation
  • Manage Zixi licenses and receive alerts
  • Single Sign On integration with customer’s OAUTH2 based authentication system

Global Operational Visibility

Complete workflow and geographic visualization
• Low latency remote monitoring and management
• System monitoring of Feeders, Broadcasters, Receivers and all IP based workflow resources
• Network Analytics Transport Analytics (TR 101) visualization and history
• Content Quality Analytics visualization and history such as blank/frozen video and audio issues
• Business Impact Analytics visualization and history covering SCTE monitoring and logging from source to endpoint workflow

Complete Geographic, ISP, and Equipment Redundancy for
99.999+% Uptime

ZaaS incorporates redundant video pipelines providing enhanced QoS and automated protection against regional cloud failure scenarios, deployed in geographically diverse data centers and, on both the sending and receiving sides, Zixi software is connected to independent ISPs, employing Zixi’s enhanced sequenced hitless failover for maximum reliability.

Interoperable Across and Video Distribution Workflow

In addition to the Zixi protocol, the most robust and mature live video protocol in the industry, ZaaS also supports RIST, RTP+FEC, HLS, CMAF HLS, SRT, DASH, RTMP and others to provide the industry’s most universal solution for ingest and delivery across any IP network and edge device including over 400 integrated partners.

ZaaS Use Cases

In addition to delivering a cost effective, video-optimized multi-cloud strategy, ZaaS enables global distribution at cloud scale with the full power of the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform and over 400 integrated partners in the Zixi Enabled Network.

Cloud Scale Video Ingest

Unlock high performance live video ingest from any source that scales on-demand

Localized Channel Origination

ZaaS hosts global video-optimized edge locations where content can be dynamically transformed to provide a regionally localized channel feed for each distribution partner

Multi-Region Redunancy

ZaaS users can take advantage of bonded multi-region distribution for highly resilient and cost effective live video distribution

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