Zixi Edge Compute

High Performance Managed Live Video Routes from Anywhere

Zixi Edge Compute brings high performance connectivity to the network edge, unlocking the full benefits of the SDVP.  ZEC is installed on infrastructure at the network edge, facilitating a high performance managed connection to Zixi Broadcaster. ZEC can serve as both a feeder and receiver, managing connections in and out of Zixi Broadcaster.  With ZEC, all sources and target destinations are connected with Zixi’s market leading Zixi Protocol, continuously and dynamically optimizing video delivery to achieve unparalleled performance, reliability and security.

Enabling SDVP Connectivity For Any Device, Anywhere

Dual Functionality

ZEC seamlessly serves as both a feeder and receiver, efficiently managing connections in and out of the Zixi Broadcaster. This bidirectional capability ensures versatile communication scenarios, adapting to the dynamic needs of video delivery workflows.

Zixi Protocol Integration

At the heart of ZEC’s capabilities is the integration with Zixi’s market-leading protocol. All sources and target destinations are connected using the Zixi Protocol, known for its continuous and dynamic optimization of video delivery. This adaptive approach ensures unparalleled performance, reliability, and security throughout the content transmission process.

Universal Compatibility

ZEC acts as the bridge between edge devices and the Zixi Broadcaster, supporting a wide array of hardware/software encoders, cameras, Integrated Receiver Decoders (IRDs), and protocols. Notably, it communicates with Zixi Broadcaster using the Zixi Protocol, irrespective of the native protocol support of the edge devices. This universality ensures a seamless and standardized approach to video delivery.

Latest Features


  • Unmatched Performance and Reliability: ZEC communicates with Zixi Broadcaster using the Zixi Protocol, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability in video content delivery.
  • Broad Compatibility: Interfaces with a diverse range of hardware/software encoders, cameras, IRDs, and protocols, promoting flexibility and adaptability.
  • Optimized Connectivity: Mediates high-performance, bandwidth-optimized connectivity, catering to the evolving demands of modern video workflows.
  • Dynamic Error Correction: Implements content-aware dynamic forward error correction, enhancing the resilience of video delivery.
  • Processor Support: Equipped with ARM-based processor support and multi-threaded compute optimization, ensuring high-density throughput.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers an easy-to-use graphical interface alongside a programmatic REST API, providing accessibility and control.
  • Cost-Effective Deployment: ZEC is available for free deployment on supported hardware, enabling customers to enjoy unrivaled connection performance for live video transmission.

Zixi Webinar: How to Deliver Live Video Over 5G

How to Deliver Live Video Over 5G

Zixi Enabled Network Partners

Empowering Customers

For customers seeking the highest levels of performance, resilience, security, and visibility in their video delivery workflows, Zixi Protocol becomes the instrument of choice. Its deployment on supported hardware is offered at no cost, ensuring customers can harness the full power of ZEC for a superior live video experience. Elevate your network edge connectivity with Zixi Edge Compute – where performance meets innovation.

Connect any edge device using any protocol over any network

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) supports interoperability with any of over 17 leading IP video delivery protocols. This provides customers with the flexibility to deliver live video using almost any protocol, in any format, over any network. Customers that do not have ZEC deployed, or supported Zixi Enabled Network partner solutions, can still easily configure the SDVP to reliably route, monitor, process and transform live video feeds from almost any source to almost any target. No other solution offers the level of system interoperability, operational control and performance.

SDVP Supported Ingest and Egress Protocols

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