Conquer the Challenges of 5G Delivery with Zixi

Live video contribution and delivery over 5G. Ultra-low latency, high quality transport with the SDVP.

Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform delivers live, broadcast-quality video over any IP network including 5G cellular technology.

With 5G networks becoming more accessible across the world, Zixi is helping content providers leverage 5G networks to deliver streams at faster speeds, with lower latency, as well as higher quality and resiliency with its SDVP. 5G networks offer not only an opportunity to provide better quality experiences for the end consumer, but also a very effective B2B IP network for use cases such as satellite rationalization.

Why the SDVP is Key to 5G Broadcast Delivery

Broadcast quality content means no errors, and delivery across 5G networks should be no exception.

With over 14 years of pioneering delivery over IP networks, Zixi is uniquely positioned to combat the challenges of 5G delivery, allowing customers to take advantage of 5G networks when and where possible while also ensuring quality and reliability. Like all IP networks, 5G requires protection against challenges like jitter, congestion and security.

How Zixi is Helping Make Delivery Over 5G A Reality

Here’s the inside story of how Zixi, Verizon, Bloomberg and AWS and embarked on an innovative pilot project to replace satellite news transmission — an expensive and clunky process—with Verizon 5G technology. “The project is proof of the power of 5G for content providers in terms or reliability and improved latency” says Verizon Business CEO Sowmyanarayan Sampath.

Zixi Advantages

Seamless Bonding of IP Networks

Zixi solutions bond cellular networks together to provide seamless 5G delivery augmented with alternative mobile and fixed networks as needed. If 5G delivery is not available, Zixi can bond the connection over 4G LTE, alternative 5G radio networks and alternative ISPs, allowing the sharing of bandwidth across networks as well as providing a failsafe in the case of failure of one or the other. Additional bonding back up can be provided using the public Internet, allowing SDVP users to enable contribution or distribution from nearly any location with 99.999% reliability.

Network-Aware, Adaptive Bitrate Technology

The Zixi protocol is congestion and network aware and seamlessly adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented, dynamic Forward Error Correction techniques for error-free video transport over 5G. Zixi’s unique ability to adapt the video quality to the available bandwidth makes it easy to maintain stream continuity for the optimal Quality of Experience.

Atomic Levels of Data and Telemetry

Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform aggregates 3 billion unique video telemetry data points a day from across the Zixi Enabled Network and uses advanced analytics, machine learning to provide alerts based on patterns and insights. Using the IDP, media companies can ensure quality of delivery and the highest of uptimes across 5G networks with proactive alerts if there is going to be an issue before it occurs.

Support A Universal Gateway Architecture

The SDVP functions as a Universal Gateway, allowing contribution from any IP network with Zixi and any of the 16 supported protocols. Customers can benefit from the unique interoperability of the SDVP to cost-effectively facilitate universal contribution and distribution to and from affiliates and partners across the Zixi Enabled Network of customers, integrated hardware and software applications and platforms and service providers standardized on Zixi.

Mobile Contribution from Any Location

Zixi’s OnAir mobile app makes it easy to capture live 4K video for ENG, entertainment and sports use cases from any mobile device and contribute with low latency to the Zixi Player or your normal video workflow.

Pioneering 5G Delivery with Verizon and AWS

Zixi is working with Verizon and Amazon Web Services to deliver live video content for a major global broadcaster over the Verizon 5G network using AWS Wavelength Zones with 4K UHD streams being delivered to commercial targets at ultra-low latency and at the highest quality, replacing satellite delivery.

The goal of edge network video streaming using Multi-access Edge Compute, or MEC, allows users to get content into or out of the network as close to the production or delivery target as possible. Using the MEC, along with the optimization of experience made possible by the speed and access that 5G provides allows for better monetization of live video driving further interest across the media and entertainment sector.

5G Use Cases

While most consider Direct to Consumer to be the main use case for 5G distribution, there are a range of B2B use cases out there already being leveraged by content creators including tetherless contribution as well as widespread distribution.


  • Studio Anywhere
  • Untethered Production


  • To MSO/IRD
  • To OTT
  • Direct to Consumer

Public Experiences

  • Sports/Concerts
  • TV Shows
  • Cinema/Theater
  • Venues

Outside M&E

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Healthcare
  • Military

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