AI/ML Driven Video Analytics that Cut Through the Noise

Intelligent Data Platform

Take the complexity out of live video broadcast management and proactively identify issues before impacts are felt leveraging well trained AI/ML driven actionable insights and advanced video analytics and stream analytics.

It’s not uncommon to have dozens of sources streaming to hundreds of destinations, across a myriad of network and infrastructure environments. Rapidly identifying the actionable from the noise is a major challenge. IDP cuts through this noise by leveraging powerful AI/ML algorithms, trained on over 9 billion daily telemetry data points to deliver truly actionable insights. IDP simplifies operations, increases application availability and significantly improves incident resolution performance.

IDP Insights

Reduce data overload, pinpoint behavioral outliers and accurately predict future performance impacts

IDP Insights continuously sort through millions of telemetry data points, identifying performance anomalies and generating a Zixi Health score that accurately predicts future channel performance. IDP Insights enables users to confidently scale and launch new services without dramatically increasing operational monitoring overhead.

Organize channels with Zixi IDP Health scores, AI/ML predictive analytics that accurately predict possible future outages and enable operator and programmatic response.

Anomaly Detection & Smart Alerting

IDP Insights simplify complex data in easily actionable dynamic visualizations that help operations teams more rapidly and accurately identify trends, outliers and anomalies that previously would’ve been difficult to find.

  • Simplify many dimensions of metric data in to easily understood & meaningful visualizations
  • Identifies normal behavior and alerts you of anomalies
  • Generate customized notifications and preferences to fit your needs
  • Engineers can pinpoint performance outliers faster, continuously improving operations
IDP Insights simplify complex data in intuitive visualizations that make it far easier to identify and action against behavioral anomalies and performance outliers.

Predictive Analytics Health Score

IDP Predictive Analytics Health Score analyzes hundreds of discreet metrics to identify patterns that are associated with increased risk of outage. Zixi’s unique machine learning algorithms are continuously and iteratively refined with new data and correlation analysis, constantly improving the accuracy and lead time of outage predictions.

  • A numerical value, based on 100+ correlated measurements per source
  • Health score is computed by a machine learning model
  • Indicates the prevalence and likely impacts of specific metric deviations
View how channel health changes over time and what factors are contributing to the changing health.

IDP Incidents

Automate incident detection, dramatically increase remediation performance and lower RCA costs

IDP Incidents automatically detects and generates incident lists, specifying incident time and likely cause. IDPs AI/ML analysis more rapidly identifies anomalies often missed by humans and IDP automatically builds shareable RCA reports complete with visualization across all relevant KPIs and impacted objects.

Automated Incident Detection

  • Automates incident detection building correlated multi-object incident reports
  • Track and sort incidents across time, infrastructure segment, channel objects and impacted services
  • Attribution yield provides deeper root cause insights and faster resolution times

RCA Reporting

  • IDP automatically generates highly detailed and user shareable RCA reports per incident
  • Correlates time aligned KPIs, logged events, alerts and likely causes in to a shareable report format
  • Users can manually augment the automated report, filling in additional details and notation
  • Significantly improves MTTR while dramatically reducing costly RCA processes
Incidents are programmatically detected and comprehensive reports are automatically generated. Time-series data graphs of critical KPIs, log messages, operator notes and other details are packaged into shareable RCA reports that greatly accelerate identifying and remediating incidents.

IDP Impacts

Detailed analysis that visualizes impacted infrastructure and channels

IDP Impacts provide graphical representations that show how performance anomalies impacted video delivery over time. Removes ambiguity about what services may have been impacted while providing operations teams and business owners instant analysis they can use to remediate future incidents.

IDP Impacts with Zixi Blast Radius

  • Interactive channel graph that presents health across the media supply chain
  • Tracks how performance changes in one object impacted other objects
  • Correlates infrastructure and logical channel objects in to a common graph
  • Users can navigate over time to see how quickly incidents and fixes propagate through the supply chain
Zixi Blast Radius graphically represents video flow from sources to target destinations presenting a time-aligned impact analysis.

Multi-Object Correlation Analysis (MOCA)

Zixi IDP includes multi-object correlation analysis, or MOCA

MOCA automatically analyzes incidents across all channel sources and target destinations. Incidents that share a common attribute are correlated, helping operators rapidly identify probable root causes and understand their impacts across seemingly unrelated channels.

Correlation Analysis

  • Identifies common cause across channels
  • Analysis summarizes incident attribution across channel objects, including shared source networks, server networks and/or broadcasters
  • Greatly speeds up root cause analysis (RCA)
  • RCA reports with correlation analysis automatically generated complete with corresponding time frames and time-aligned metric graphs
MOCA analyzes resources that have active incidents and automatically detects correlated attributes, such as a shared server network that is contributing to a high failure rate for channel targets that are using that network.

Zixi Quick Dive on the Challenges of Live Video over IP

Zixi’s IDP simplifies operations, increases application availability and significantly improves incident resolution performance.

New Feature Overview

Zixi Senior Director of Product Management, Andrew Broadstone, provides a detailed overview of the new multi-object correlation analysis available within IDP.

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ContentXchange (CXE)

Live Channel Service inclusive of Zixi secured transport rights to thousands of channels of content, delivered over ZaaS and packaged to the specific requirements of your target destinations.

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