Unleashing the Power of Zixi: The Most Cost Effective and Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the Industry

Proliferation of IP and Cloud Workflows Mandate State-of-the-Art Solutions

The broadcast industry is experiencing a rapid phase of digital transformation, and driving much of the tech-led developments being implemented is the adoption of IP, which is proving to be a major enabler of innovation and efficiency. Many companies that previously relied on legacy workflows are adopting IP and cloud-based infrastructure to deliver a range of benefits, from operational flexibility and agility to the delivery of reliable broadcast-quality distribution of live video content over the Internet and bottom-line business impact. In this dynamic world of video streaming, media organizations are constantly seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness to manage their large-scale implementations.

The Zixi SDVP® Powered by the Zixi Protocol

The only choice for cost effective deployments of large scale IP workflows

The SDVP® with the Zixi Protocol has become the industry standard with unmatched compute efficiency that is 14x more compute efficient than any alternative solutions employing other inefficient protocols. This increased compute efficiency plays a pivotal role in reducing the complexity and cost associated with managing large implementations, delivering more sustainable workflows with significant cost savings by requiring just 7% of the compute requirement of other industry options. The benefits are numerous, with bitrates up to 5Gbps including jumbo frame support, compute cost and energy consumption greatly reduced, and the ability to run on ARM Processers, including AWS Graviton, which are 50% of the cost and energy consumption of others.  

Breakthrough Innovations

Result in extraordinary reduction in both bandwidth and compute resources

The Zixi Protocol offers bandwidth efficiency through two crucial mechanisms: null packet compression and video awareness. Zixi compresses null packets, typical in CBR broadcast streams, removing repetitive packets resulting in lower bandwidth requirements on the network of 30% to 50% than alternative protocols, reducing egress costs at the same rate when the Zixi Protocol is sent to the egress target, and the video delivered perfectly at the same bit rate. These techniques reduce unnecessary overhead, optimizing bandwidth utilization without compromising the quality of the video stream. 

By cutting the transport stream egress cost in half, we’re enabling media companies the ability to allocate their resources more efficiently, redirecting budgetary allocations to other areas including new content acquisition for new business and opportunities to generate revenue.  

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

This white paper details how the SDVP®, powered by the Zixi Protocol, and Zixi’s ZEN Master Control plane have revolutionized media and entertainment as the only solution that scale to meet the needs of the large, modern broadcaster but still have the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.  

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