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Compliance Validation. Content Formatting. Stream Localization. Ad Load. Delivery Strategy and Security. These requirements can represent major challenges for media companies looking to syndicate programming to an ever-increasing number of target destinations. The SDVP and cloud-native Zixi-as-a-Service (ZaaS) enable video operations teams to easily manage complex distribution scenarios by automatically and continuously normalizing stream packages tailored to the needs of each delivery platform and distribution partner.

IP Video Delivery

Scaled on ZaaS

Media organizations are increasingly being tasked with dynamically enabling live channel distribution to a growing list of discreet broadcast and OTT delivery endpoints, each with unique requirements.

ZaaS includes everything that distributors require to successfully and reliably deliver live video channel distribution at scale. Whether that be managing complex delivery to distribution partners, or orchestrating onboarding of many content partners, it dynamically scales to meet today’s rapidly evolving live video operational and business demands.

  • ZaaS packages advanced media processing, end-to-end monitoring, delivery assurance on a video-optimized cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud egress fees can burden modern video distribution systems, but ZaaS delivers significant discounts over public cloud rates without sacrificing performance. 
  • Flexibly create new channel bundles, support FAST channel delivery and customize deliverables to the unique requirements of the target platform and devices.

Zixi Advantages

Interoperability at Scale

With 400+ integrated partners and 17+ supported protocols, Zixi is the largest ecosystem of live video solutions enabling Zixi a wide array of operational challenges to be met in a uniform, predictable and scalable way, regardless of how the video originates or where it is being delivered.

Rapidly Monetize New Revenue Sources

Zixi efficiently and reliably enables rapid expansion to new distribution opportunities, such as digital first target destinations like SmartTVs, International rights holders and FAST channel distribution. Zixi provides advanced features such as content localization, program mapping, time-shifting and advanced processing to tailor channels to the unique needs of each delivery endpoint.

Deploy Agile Channels On-Demand

IP-based transport enables flexible, efficient workflows with lower fixed costs, better visibility into stream data, and allows for greater regionalization of content. The powerful SDVP and ZaaS offerings enable operations teams to confidently spin up efficient channel distribution on-demand, with integrated advanced monitoring, AI/ML driven analytics, industry proven reliability and direct integration with the largest partner ecosystem in the market.

Support A Universal Gateway Architecture

The SDVP functions as a Universal Gateway, allowing contribution from any IP network with Zixi protocol or any of 16 additionally supported industry protocols. Customers can benefit from the unique interoperability of the SDVP to cost-effectively facilitate universal contribution and distribution to and from affiliates and partners across the Zixi Enabled Network of customers, integrated hardware and software applications and platforms and service providers standardized on Zixi.

Zixi manages live IP distribution at scale

IP Distribution at Scale Use Cases

Whether dealing with content production and primary distribution or managing ingest of partner feeds from hundreds of content partners, adapting IP distribution strategies are key to enabling the flexibility and scale that modern video operations require.

Content Owners

Efficiently syndicate live linear channels and rapidly launch new distribution opportunities across all affiliates

Content Providers

Acquire content in any protocol and normalize it to any format and dynamically connect to OTT and broadcast distribution endpoints

Service Providers

Zixi operates a fully managed content exchange platform for live linear video sharing between content owners and distributors

Live Event Producers

Dynamic spin up of ultra-low latency cloud video routes that automatically connect and transform feeds for remote production and highly resilient syndicated distribution

Rapidly Launch and Deliver FAST Channels with Zixi


Media organizations are rapidly scaling out FAST channel distribution and monetizing existing content libraries with the D2C and Affiliate Distribution of FAST channels. Zixi enables the rapid and effective launch, management and distribution to both internal and external distribution platforms. Curated channels can easily be customized to meet the exact requirements of the target destination, propagating ad signaling and other vital metadata while customizing the feeds for each outlet and maintaining secure, validated and high-performance video routes.

Distribution Platforms

Zixi enables distribution platforms to seamlessly onboard channels from content partners. OTT, ConnectedTV and Distribution Platforms are expanding and differentiating their services with extensive FAST channel offerings. Zixi programmatically ingests hundreds of linear and event channels, identifying compliance and normalizing content as part of the ingestion workflow, providing normalized live video feeds optimized for the intended playout systems. Highly resilient live video connections to the content partner meet-me rooms, hosted origins or content ingest points are continuously monitored and real-time actionable analytics presented in intuitive, scaled live video operations dashboards.

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