Zixi Partner Program

Collaboration for Integrated Solutions

Partnering with Zixi for live and live linear contribution or distribution enables technology solution providers to offer customers reliable and secure video streaming solutions at scale around the world.

The Zixi Technology Partner Program helps partners accelerate the development of interoperable products and simplify the integration within increasingly complex customer environments. By integrating with Zixi, partners can boost sales opportunities, broaden their product portfolios and reduce integration risks by not putting the exclusive burden of selection, testing and deployment on the customer.

Become Part of the Zixi Partner Program

Unprecedented Interoperability Across 400+ Partners and OEMs

Partner Benefits

Zixi will provide full development support and access to its developer resources, as well as previews of new technologies and roadmap updates. A partnership with Zixi offers increased exposure for your brand through worldwide marketing collaboration via PR, case studies, solution briefs and joint events. Partners will also be provided with the opportunity to present their solutions to Zixi audiences to raise awareness and generate referral sales.

Customer Benefits

Your customers will not only benefit from the next-generation transfer technology that Zixi provides, but they will be able to deploy solutions that have been jointly developed and tested, and demonstrate proven reliability, scalability and security. An open and extensible architecture will easily accommodate new functionality. Joint references serve to reassure the customers and reduce the risk.

ZEN Master Certified

Receive Additional Promotion as a ZEN Master Certified Partner

With Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane, content providers can manage, configure, and monitor large-scale deployments of the Zixi Enabled Network, Zixi platform devices and appliances. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, customers are demanding that the Zixi platform-compatible equipment that they deploy also integrate with ZEN Master to provide a real-time view of the health of the entire system. By creating an integrated solution with Zixi, Partners can help their customers deliver the best possible experience by adding ZEN Master capabilities to their offerings and be promoted as a ZEN Master Certified technology partner.

Helping Our Partners Succeed

Hear Zixi’s SVP of Strategic Alliances and Marketing John Wastcoat describe the advantages of becoming part of the Zixi Enabled Network of integrated technology and service provider partners.

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