Distribute Live Video Over IP With Ultra-Low Latency


Zixi as a Service (ZaaS) provides broadcast infrastructure as a service, enabling media companies and service providers to quickly leverage SaaS to ingest and distribute live video over any IP with ultra-low latency with all the features and functionality of the SDVP.

ZaaS allows media and entertainment companies to easily extend existing on-premises infrastructures and capabilities to the cloud, delivering broadcast quality video while also being able to orchestrate, manage and monitor complex workflows from anywhere in the world using the ZEN Master control plane.

Service broadcasters can easily scale to add new partners, leveraging ZaaS for cloud video processing as well as the additional data, analytics, security and Quality of Service that consumers mandate.

Enabling cloud-based workflows for companies like:

ZaaS delivers 99.999+% uptime of live video channels across broadcasters, satellite, OTT and cable network operators

ZaaS for Universal Aggregation & Distribution

Complete Redundancy For Broadcast Quality Reliability

Zixi as a Service supports a completely redundant video over IP pipeline protecting against all failure scenarios. Experience unparalleled operational uptime on our cloud with Zixi’s patent-pending Hitless Failover that provides redundant transmission options for higher reliability and disaster recovery.

Efficiently Syndicate and Deliver Content to Multiple Affiliates

Many customers leverage ZaaS for universal aggregation and distribution to multiple affiliates. With ZaaS:

  • Acquire content in any protocol and normalize it to any encoding parameter and PID mapping
  • Operate a fully managed content exchange platform for live linear video between content owners and consumers
  • Create efficient workflows for occasional use events activating dynamic pull targets in the cloud as needed

ZaaS Unlocks Multi-Cloud Delivery Strategies

ZaaS enables multi-cloud live video distribution with significant economic efficiencies

ZaaS dynamically builds video over IP routes over geographically diverse video optimized cloud infrastructure. Many companies leverage ZaaS as a critical component of their multi-cloud strategy. When delivering mission critical live content, relying on a single cloud provider and region has repeatedly led to significant commercial losses and damaged brands. However, replicating video over IP delivery on multiple public cloud providers can lead to significantly increased infrastructure and egress fees. ZaaS enables unparalleled cloud delivery performance with >99.999% reliability, often at a fraction of the costs associated with public cloud provider media architectures.

Dynamically orchestrated & consolidated monitoring of multi-cloud delivery

ZEN Master orchestrates live video routes bonded across diverse signal paths and seamlessly blends mixed cloud infrastructure in to consolidated operational dashboards:

  • Provision cloud infrastructure and seamlessly bond streaming delivery across ZaaS and AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud operating environments
  • IDP Insights holistically measures cloud instance health with automated detection of behavioral anomalies and performance outliers
  • Create efficient workflows for occasional use events activating dynamic pull targets in the cloud as needed
  • Optimize cloud spend by managing which cloud enabled delivery paths are selected for specific channels and event distributions

ZaaS enables media companies to easily implement & manage cost effective multi-cloud strategies

Expand Workflow Agility with ZaaS

Increase Efficiency

Leverage Operational and Technological efficiencies with streamlined cloud workflows

Greater Flexibility

Cloud video workflow solutions make it easy to spin up and down Zixi instances as needed from any location

Improve Uptime

Achieve 99.999% reliability or higher when delivering live video over IP with Zixi

Future-Proof Workflows

SDVP technology is upgraded with each new software release, allowing customers to easily iterate their cloud workflows and employ new features quickly

Customize Delivery

Support for SCTE markers and traditional features like closed captioning enables customization of programming feeds and ad insertion

Turnkey Solution

Proven turnkey solution for software-based deployments over IP and hybrid IP networks.

The SDVP is modular and flexible,
with several deployment options


Modular Software

Deploy only the components of the SDVP® you need and scale on-demand within your own infrastructure environments.


Zixi-as-a-Service (ZaaS)

All the capabilities of the SDVP®
with integrated cost optimized cloud infrastructure managed by Zixi.

ContentXchange (CXE)

Live Channel Service inclusive of Zixi secured transport rights to thousands of channels of content, delivered over ZaaS and packaged to the specific requirements of your target destinations.

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