Zixi’s IP Video Platform

The Zixi Mission

Zixi Mission: Since 2008, Zixi has been focused on one thing; enable broadcast quality live video delivery over any IP network. Zixi believes that organizations should not have to choose between cost, flexibility, security, performance or reliability when migrating video delivery to IP. Enabling cost optimized live video delivery over any network, with unrivaled performance, software-defined orchestration, universal interoperability, carrier grade reliability, and cloud scale is what drives Zixi innovation.

Who we are and
What we do

Last year, the SDVP was entrusted to deliver in excess of 20,000 live linear and event channels, in over 100 countries, for over 700 customers.

Zixi offers the most complete solution for the rapidly growing world of live video delivery. Zixi’s modular and flexibly deployed SDVP simplifies complex production and distribution workflows and enables uninterrupted delivery of programming over almost any network, securely, flawlessly, with lower costs and at greater scale than any other product in the market.

The SDVP is a robust suite of software that enables broadcast-quality live video delivery over almost any network. Used by broadcasters, enterprises, OTT video providers and mobile service providers around the world, Zixi makes it easy and economical for companies to source, manage, localize, and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels with broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, over any IP network, leveraging any protocol, through any cloud provider or on-prem infrastructure and any edge device.

The SDVP provides enhanced control over large complex networks. Dynamically build robust, highly resilient live video routes on-prem or in the cloud. Simplify management with industry leading tools to visualize workflows, provision infrastructure, and centralize orchestration of live broadcast channels and events across on-prem, cloud and hybrid operating environments. The Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN) has grown to over 400 OEM and service provider partners, ensuring total interoperability, seamless integration and delivering a broad ecosystem of market proven solutions.

With Zixi’s SDVP you get:

Complete Control

Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane provides a single central tool for configuring, orchestrating and monitoring live IP broadcast channels and events across industry protocols.

Flawless Performance

With over a decade of unmatched technological advancements, Zixi’s ongoing innovation ensures you are always on, no matter what comes next.

99.999% Reliability

Zixi’s patented live streaming software technology delivers unparalleled broadcast-quality reliability with hitless failover at scale.

Cost Savings & New Revenue

By delivering video over IP networks, customers realize significant savings over traditional methods like satellite while capturing new revenue streams.

Constant Visibility

In-Stream Analytics—technology that is exclusive to the Zixi SDVP—help maintain unsurpassed content, network and video transport quality.


With our technology embedded in the equipment from 400+ OEM and service providers, you’ll have access to the largest network of broadcast partners in the world. Platform partners use Zixi tools to leverage internet networks and extend the breadth and depth of their service reach.

Best-In-Class Security

Only Zixi provides DTLS standards so you have more to rely on than industry-level encryption and password protection.

SDVP® Enables Error Free Delivery

The flexibility to deploy and manage carrier-grade live video routes, through any network, on-prem or in the cloud, combined with best-in-class quality of service from any source to any target destination. Delivering live video drives us, and Zixi’s comprehensive live video distribution solutions deliver the future-proof capabilities, always-on reliability and software-defined agility to meet the rapidly evolving demands that today’s media consumers require.

Why Zixi?

Why choose Zixi?
Because we have done it all.

Zixi offers the industries most complete platform for managing live broadcast-quality video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider, and any edge device.

The last decade has brought seismic shifts in viewer behavior.  This has led to an explosion in industry advancements, including virtualization of broadcast media infrastructures and implementation of software defined video networks supporting business agility and cost efficiency strategies the market demands.  Zixi’s customers leverage our powerful solutions and the broad ecosystem support of the Zixi Enabled Network of integrated technology partners and service providers to grow and thrive in this dynamic marketplace.

Why do customers turn to Zixi as the best streaming software for video transport over IP?


10+ years pioneering video transport over IP technologies

Deployed in 100+ countries

400+ global OEM and service-provider partners, and support of 17 industry protocols

Customers with over 10,000 live channels and highest capacity proven at 5Gbps


ZEN Master control plane, a single central tool for large-scale deployment

The multicloud IP standard for ingest, intracloud, and egress

Inline transcoding developed specifically for the challenges of live event and live linear

Live linear latency proven below 1 second and 1.5 seconds with transcode


with features like hitless failover

700+ customers at scale delivering more than 20,000+ channels to 100,000+ endpoints

Network, TR101, content quality, business impact and AI-driven quality scoring


Delivering lower costs, greater flexibility and new revenue streams

Password, encryption, and DTLS

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