Live Video Broadcast by Zixi

Universal Media Gateway Connecting and Conditioning Any Source to Any Target Destination

At the heart of the Zixi Software Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is Zixi Broadcaster, a universal media gateway that delivers unparalleled performance, security, resilience and flexibility. Zixi Broadcaster includes everything needed to enable high performance live video routes between sources and target destinations over any IP network, with advanced in-flight processing, dedicated monitoring and mission critical reliability.

Universal Media Gateway

Universal Live Video Ingest, Monitoring, Compliance Validation, Signal Processing and Target Normalization

Zixi Broadcaster is a universal live media gateway that ensures high performance and highly resilient connections between sources and destinations. Facilitating advanced live video broadcasting functions, Zixi Broadcaster standardizes source acquisition, normalizes feeds for distribution, providing an interoperable solution that will help simplify any broadcast workflow. Zixi Broadcaster provides needed agility within streaming infrastructures that can iterate as industry trends and technology evolve.

  • Native Support for 16 common transport protocols including Zixi, RTP, RTP w/FEC, RIST, SRT, WebRTC and HLS
  • Ingest once and deliver to all target destinations, including CDN Origins, IRDs, STBs and connected TVs
  • Since release of v16.1 on 09/02/2022, can be deployed on AWS Graviton 2/3 for higher throughput for cost efficiencies without a degradation in feature offering
  • Continuously Monitors and Validates Stream Compliance
  • Automated Integrated Processing Conforms Media to Target Specifications
    • GPU Accelerated Low Latency Transcoding
    • OTT ABR Packaging
    • Stream Multiplexing
    • Program Alignment/Mapping
  • Triggered Content Switching, Auto-Slating and Programmatic Blackouts
  • Automated Hitless Failover and Continuous Route Optimization
  • Workflow Support for Live-from-File, Stream Recording, Time-Shifting and Localization Workflows
  • SCTE-35 Ad Marker Signal Detection, Insertion, Event Triggering and Marker Propagation

Ultimate Performance & Efficiency

Purpose built to deliver the worlds most valuable live content in the most demanding operating environments.

With support for the latest generation compute architectures and a focus on hyper efficient video processing, Zixi Broadcaster accelerates video distribution, reduces infrastructure demands and achieves unmatched performance.


Error Corrected Global Distribution Latency


Processed Throughput per Compute Core


Lower Emissions per GB Delivered


More Efficient Bandwidth Utilization

9 Billion

Telemetry Data Points Analyzed Daily

The Lowest Latency Live Video Broadcasting Currently in Production Use

The Zixi protocol provides the lowest latency in the industry for delivering broadcast-quality compressed video. Managing ultra-low worldwide transport latencies is practical and fully supported in Zixi Broadcaster, delivering error-free video globally with less than 300ms transport latency and 100% packet recovery.

In a communication system there is a 3-way tradeoff between latency, bitrate and resiliency. Zixi Broadcaster continuously optimizes delivery, always driving latency down while preserving pristine broadcast-quality delivery.

Carrier-Grade Resilience & Multi-Tiered Layered Security

Zixi Broadcaster extends industry standards with market leading solutions for stream availability and security.


Live video broadcasting is sensitive to interruptions. Adaptive FEC, ARQ, network bonding, congestion avoidance and hitless failover algorithmically reconstruct data down the supply chain in potentially less than a round-trip, enabling >99.999% stream availability without negatively impacting latency and quality.

  • Bonded Delivery: Combines disparate topologies including 5G, LTE, Leased Lines and Unmanaged Internet, dynamically adjusting for fluctuating bandwidth, network congestion, packet loss and latency differences
  • Sequenced Hitless Failover: An improvement on SMPTE 2022-7, applies Zixi optimized alignment algorithms to re-create a single coherent uninterrupted stream out of multiple stream fragments
  • Route Orchestration: Distribute over geographically diverse signal paths, across regions and in discreet infrastructure locations
  • Resilient Architecture: Provision clustered and load balanced Zixi Broadcasters for continuous delivery applications


When managing live video broadcasting workflows, content and connection security is critically important. Best-in-class security protocols and the most sophisticated content protection strategies are available and easily implemented in Zixi Broadcaster, including the ability to encrypt content streams and secure video routes with DTLS. DTLS is a communications protocol that is based on TLS (Transport Layer Security), the same robust technology used for securing most popular applications such as HTTPS. This protocol permits streaming video systems to exchange data with other appropriate systems without allowing eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery. DTLS enables the Zixi Broadcaster to provide best-in-class security for content transported over UDP.

Included with every Zixi Broadcaster deployment are configurable layered security options including:

  • Content Encryption: Secure content with End-to-end strong AES-256 content encryption
  • Session Security: Manage Access with Session Establishment Whitelisting & Password Protection
  • Connection Validation: Confidently Delivery with Zixi Exclusive DTLS Secure Certificate Validation & Strong Cipher Protection
  • Protected Multicasts: Zixi Protected Multicast validates and secures client multicast subscriptions

Integrated Monitoring and Automated Processing

Fully integrated suite of live video monitoring and content transformation features

Zixi Broadcaster enables operations teams to flexibly manage live video broadcasting workflows. With advanced monitoring and analytics, you can easily validate your streams and keep track of your media supply chain. The full suite of media transformation and accelerated processing options make it easy to execute unique workflows and use cases automatically, ensuring smooth delivery and performance while mitigating costs and complexity.

Integrated Real-time Monitoring & Analytics

  • TR 101 Transport Stream Compliance
  • ePSNR / eVMAF Quality Score
  • Live Audio/Video Impairment Detection
  • Infrastructure Performance KPIs
  • Full Suite Video Route Telemetry
  • SCTE35 Ad Marker Alerts
  • System Derived Trending Performance Metrics
  • Customizable Rules-Driven Triggered Responses

Automated In-Flight Media Processing

  • Ultra-Low Latency Live Transcoding
  • ABR Stream Packaging
  • SPTS/MPTS Multiplexing
  • PID Alignment and Re-Mapping
  • Protocol and Format Conversion
  • Recording & Time Shifting
  • Auto-Slate / Content Switching
  • Switch Between Live & File Sources

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