Zixi at MWC 2022

Posted March 1, 2022

Zixi is excited to play a part in how media companies produce and deliver live video.  Leveraging 5G mobile networks to enable higher quality, ultra-low latency live video production is certainly a theme we’re seeing at this year’s MWC event.  Zixi’s Ken Haren spent time with The Fast Mode’s Executive Editor Tara Neal to discuss trends that Zixi is seeing emerging in 2022.  The original article is here.

In conjunction with the ongoing MWC Barcelona 2022, Tara Neal, Executive Editor of The Fast Mode spoke to Ken Haran, Director of Marketing of Zixi on the company’s plans and showcases for this year’s event.

Tara: What do you think MWC 2022 will be all about? And what are your MWC 2022 plans?

Ken: Adopting 5G networks and edge compute as a medium for live video transport is emerging as a high performance, ultra-low latency alternative to traditional satellite and fiber. This is transforming how time sensitive global sports, news and event programs are produced, delivered, and consumed as well as enabling flexible production of broadcast quality 4K content from any location with a 5G connection.

Tara: How has the pandemic impacted the operational and business landscape of the tech segment you are operating in?

Ken: The pandemic accelerated our customers’ remote production efforts, a trend that started before the pandemic but that has vastly accelerated as a result of it. The ability to produce live events, leveraging distributed facilities and production teams is a boon for our customers. Over the last couple of years, remote production of live programming has matured to the point where they’re seamlessly orchestrated, editorialized, produced and delivered leveraging globally distributed resources – something that would have seemed impossible in the very recent past. We’re seeing strong support for leveraging 5G networks to facilitate agile deployment of live video acquisition infrastructure at venues and in mobile operations environments.

Tara: What emerging trends/technologies have you observed in your tech segment in recent months?

Ken: We are seeing OTT services adding live video as a key differentiator to their SVOD platforms. Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) channels in particular are driving significant investment in IP video distribution. Scaling out live production to support populating these services with compelling, high quality, live programming has traditionally been a challenge. With increasing use of remote production, simplified management of delivery and transport rights and edge compute platforms managing stream compliance there is more live programming being delivered over more networks to more viewers than ever.

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