Connecting the world’s most valuable content with the most watched destinations

Globally Connected. Thousands of Channels. Hundreds of Destinations. Effortless Channel Distribution.

Built on Zixi’s proven Software Defined Video Platform and leveraging the Zixi Enabled Network – the largest collection of linear channels and connected destinations all available in one place.

Built for:

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Content owners & publishers

Zixi as a Service supports a completely redundant video pipeline protecting against all failure scenarios. Experience unparalleled operational uptime on our cloud with Zixi’s patent-pending Hitless Failover that provides redundant transmission options for higher reliability and disaster recovery.

Channel operators & OTT platforms

Many customers leverage ZaaS for universal aggregation and distribution to multiple affiliates. With ZaaS:

  • Acquire content in any protocol and normalize it to any encoding parameter and PID mapping
  • Operate a fully managed content exchange platform for live linear video between content owners and consumers
  • Create efficient workflows for occasional use events activating dynamic pull targets in the cloud as needed

Benefits of CXE

Extend Reach

Zixi has 15+ years delivering premium channels to over 300 MVPD and OTT services. Zixi’s extensive network of connected platforms is now seamlessly integrated in to the CXE. If there’s a destination we don’t already cover, the CXE team will work with that destination partner and securely deliver your content to their requirements.

Secure & Reliable

Zixi CXE supports end-to-end encryption and provides continuous visibility to ensure only eligible delivery partners are accessing your content. All channels are always delivered to geographically distributed primary and secondary ingress points and Zixi’s patented hitless failover ensures continuous delivery to all destinations.

Delivery Simplified

Zixi understands that the delivery landscape has changed. Traditional rights models are rapidly evolving, leading to ever increasing complexity in the technology needed to deliver on them. With Zixi CXE, Zixi manages everything. No new technology, no new operations tasks – just deliver once to Zixi and we’ll take it from there!

Instant Onboard

Zixi has onboarded more than 20,000 live linear channels from over 700 global programmers. Zixi CXE taps in to this network, enabling incredibly fast time-to-market with transport rights already secured for hundreds of discreet channels. If a content partner is not already in network, Zixi manages acquisition and transport rights for you.

Resilient & Compliant

All CXE channels are delivered via geographically distributed primary and secondary routes with seamless hitless failover providing guaranteed delivery. Advanced in-flight validation and processing ensures all channels are normalized and strictly adhere to defined compliance parameters, ensuring uniform delivery across all channels.

Transport Rights

Zixi understands the complex landscape of transport rights and methods to be secured. Zixi CXE handles this for you, providing door-to-door delivery of all channels you have content rights to, enabling you to spend more time on your own audience and less on your content partners.

Simplifying Content Delivery and Distribution: A Case Study

Zixi’s Kevin Parks, Senior Director of Field Engineering at Zixi, presents a detailed overview on how Zixi ContentXchange is accelerating time-to-market and simplifying operations for media organizations that are launching live video channels.

The SDVP is modular and flexible,
with several deployment options


Modular Software

Deploy only the components of the SDVP® you need and scale on-demand within your own infrastructure environments.


Zixi-as-a-Service (ZaaS)

All the capabilities of the SDVP®
with integrated cost optimized cloud infrastructure managed by Zixi.

ContentXchange (CXE)

Live Channel Service inclusive of Zixi secured transport rights to thousands of channels of content, delivered over ZaaS and packaged to the specific requirements of your target destinations.

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