Zixi OnAir Mobile Application

The Zixi OnAir mobile app is ideal for live event producers and ENG workflows (sports/news) who would like to capture a breaking news story or alternative views of concerts, sports events, theater, or fan cutaways during live broadcast.


What is Zixi OnAir?

In the current climate where it is difficult to bring a large production staff with a great deal of equipment to a production site, content providers are looking for ways to capture and deliver live streams with less gear and smaller teams. Surprisingly, many are finding that key to delivering broadcast-quality streams from remote locations can be found in their pocket.

While live production has become more challenging during the pandemic, the appetite for streaming content has never been higher. With many brands and content providers looking for ways to connect with audiences sitting at home in front their screens, remote production has been key to satiating the demand for content.

Over the past year, mobile apps have become increasingly popular for live production needs for occasional use live events and productions. With a large install base and high-quality video capture built into mobile devices, mobile apps designed for streaming over IP networks provide a seamless way to quickly enable both experienced and novice production teams. Remote production techniques that rely on mobile applications for content capture and delivery allow content providers to produce content in a cost-effective manner and connect with their fan base at a time when attention is at an all-time high.

Zixi’s OnAir mobile app provides a mobile entry point to the Zixi Internet video transport architecture. The application allows users to stream live from an iOS or Android device (phone or tablet), while using the device's built-in camera to encapsulate the encoded video and audio and prepare them for transmission over standard Internet connections using Zixi’sUDP-based transmission protocol, RTMP, or RIST


The application works exclusively with a Zixi Broadcaster, which enables high quality streaming and format conversion to HLS, HDS, MPEG-DASH, MPEG-TS and RTMP,and RIST so the live video can be watched on any device, decoded on professional decoder or published to a CDN.There is also an option to send the stream using RTMP or RIST protocol. You can also add an additionalRTMP target while streaming to a Zixi Broadcaster with Zixi protocol.

Zixi’s Transport Stream architecture deploys monitoring, control, and intelligence along the entire transmission path. It is uniquely designed to deliver the quality and reliability that enables live contribution from any device to a cloud or on premise version of Zixi Broadcaster.




Gigcasters has partnered with Zixi to
provide video contribution and
distribution over unmanaged IP
networks with unmatched quality and
reliability at an affordable cost.
Using Zixi’s technology, remote
broadcasters can overcome their
connectivity challenges, even in the
most challenging network conditions.

The Gigcaster Hydra Live Encoder allows
customers to send live contributions
feeds over unmanaged IP for OTT
streaming, broadcast, backhaul, and

Zixi OnAir's Capabilities are Extensive


Zixi On-Air can bond cellularand Wi-Fi connections to send the highest bit rate possible. Zixi’s Software bonding capability (iOS only) delivers a high-quality stream even in degraded network conditions. There are two modes of operation: Live Streaming, which streams content to the broadcaster in real time. The stream quality may be somewhat degraded based on the constraints of your network connection, as well as Store and Forward, which records high quality video on your device and uploads it to the broadcaster without degrading the video quality. In this mode, the stream is not available for viewing in real time. The Zixi On-Air mobile app is ideal for live event producers and ENG workflows (sports/news) who are looking to capture a breaking news story or alternative views of concerts, sports events, theater, or fan cutaways during live broadcast.


Operational Requirements

The Zixi OnAirmobile application is designed to transmit live video to a pre-configured Zixi Broadcaster.In order to stream video from your device using OnAir, your device needs to have either a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection and you must have access to a Zixi Broadcaster that is running.If you have both a Wi-Fi and cellular connection, then you can use Bondingto use both connections for the stream transmission


  1. Uses internal mobile device camera ( for Android, can also use external camera via USB
  2. Full HD up to 1080p 6mbps (iOS),1080p 5mbps (Android)
  3. Aspect ratio selection
  4. Fixed capture frame rate in SD resolutions
  5. Multiple resolution options - up to 1920 x 1080 30fps (available options are device dependent)
  6. Configurable video resolution, quality and transmission latency
  7. In-camera video information and transmission statistics display
  8. Transmit using Zixi Protected Transport Protocol, RTMP or RIST
  9. HW encoder feedback (available on supported Android devices running Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean MR2) or later)
  10. Set transmission latencyץ
  11. WiFi + Cellular bonding (available on iOS and on supported Android devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later)
  12. Live Streaming and Store and Forward modes

Quick Start On Air Guide

This quick start provides basic instructions on how to stream a Zixi-protocol video using your device's camera.To stream a video using your device's camera:
1.Ensure you have a Wi-Fi/cellular connection to the internet.

2.Ensure you have created a Push Inputi n Zixi Broadcaster.

3.Open the Zixi OnAir app.

4.Tap Allow to allow Zixi OnAir to record audio and video. The Settings screen is displayed.

5. In the Broadcaster Name field, enter the Name or IP Address of the target Broadcaster.

6. In the Channel Name field, enter the name of the Input that you have setup on the target Broadcaster.

7. TapSave.

8. Tap the Green circle (Shoot button) on the right-hand side to stream live video to your target Broadcaster.

To Learn More About the Zixi OnAir Application...

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