Live Video Distribution
and Transport with Zixi


Whether your business model is built on ad revenue or subscriptions, Zixi’s superior live video distribution service provides the technical flexibility to meet the demands of today's media consumer.

The Market-Leading Zixi Protocol

The Zixi protocol is a congestion and network-aware protocol that dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs patented Forward Error Correction techniques for ultra low latency (sub 300 ms) error-free live content delivery over IP with up to 45% packet loss recovery. Based upon a UDP protocol, the Zixi protocol provides best-in-class security with DTLS and AES encryption, allows for multicast transport, alleviates encoder backpressure, conducts bonding over multiple transmission paths and bitrate adaptation to make the internet usable for professional video. Our technology enables high source stream quality, supports multiple devices and requires minimal time for processing and caching.

16 Additional Industry Protocols Accepted

Meeting the ever-changing needs of today's audiences is why Zixi has long advocated for interoperability. In addition to the Zixi protocol,  the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform accepts 16 additional industry protocols and containers including NDI, RIST, RTP, RTP+FEC, UDP, HLS, CMAF HLS, Low Latency HLS, DASH, RTMP, SRT, Multipath TCP, TCP BBR, RTSP, HTTP, WebRTC.

The Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform also conducts protocol switching.

What Makes the Zixi Protocol Unique?

Protected Multicast

The Zixi SDVP provides a resilient, reliant solution for protected multicast transport over unmanaged networks. No other multicast solution provides the same visibility to the receiving network as Zixi does. Zixi is the only protocol that can conduct multicast that is not in push mode, meaning that with Zixi, the multicast addresses do not have to be determined in advance of sending the traffic, making for a more flexible and seamless one-to-many or many-to-many video distribution solution. Read more here.

Adaptive Bitrate

Adaptive Bitrate streaming requires technology that can detect a client's QoS in real time and provide content delivery at the most appropriate bitrate over HTTP. Zixi’s streaming protocol is itself adaptive, allowing ultra low latency adaptive streaming to players or decoders that would otherwise be incapable of bitrate adaptation, such as IRDs and transcoders.


Hitless Failover

Using smart innovation and sophisticated algorithms to reconstruct sequences of IP packets, the Zixi SDVP ensures reliable content delivery with robust hitless failover, surpassing any other solution. Our continual R&D efforts demonstrate our ongoing commitment to improving the highest levels of broadcast quality live video distribution over IP networks.

Forward Error Correction

The Zixi SDVP combines Forward Error Correction, re-transmission and congestion avoidance in an optimized and efficient way for error-free content delivery.


The Zixi SDVP ensures broadcast quality live content delivery over IP with best-in-class multi-layered security, including restricted access control and AES encryption. For UDP video delivery protocols, we also provide DTLS (datagram transport layer security) that is exclusive to our Platform and makes content delivered via the Zixi protocol the most protected UDP transport in the market today.

Zixi & RIST: Supporting Standards

Continuing a long history of advocating for and adopting open standards such as MPEG-DASH, MMT, SMPTE 2022-2 and 2022-7 (RTP), Zixi has called on over twelve years of experience delivering Emmy-winning, mission-critical solutions to prominent media companies, OEMs, and service providers, to be major contributors to the RIST Specification developed by the Video Services Forum. While Zixi accepts RIST, Zixi also offers Zixi RIST meeting RIST standards with additional value-added features provided by the Zixi protocol.

View demo of Zixi-RIST supported live stream. 

RIST Forum

Zixi RIST Standard Support

  • Tested interoperability with all other vendors
  • Continuous Zixi support guaranteeing compatibility and future RIST advancements, including bonding and pull mode
  • DTLS encryption support pending
  • Network bonding (when approved)

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Zixi RIST-Best in Class Value-Added Features

  • ZEN Master – full feature set
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Implementation of Zixi RIST is based on a common protocol stack, providing similar resiliency, latency, and superior performance, by taking advantage of our 10+ years experience and proven protocol stack
  • Network aware, video aware and resolution aware
  • Efficient re-transmission and congestion avoidance
  • Hitless failover – 99.999%+ uptime
  • TR101 analysis
  • Content Quality Analytics
  • AI Quality Scoring
  • Auto provisioning in AWS and Azure
  • One unified platform that handles RIST, Zixi Protocol and other supported protocols
  • Dynamic bitrate
  • Optional hybrid use of SMTE-2022 FEC with RIST – not dependent on round trip time (sending device would need to support FEC)