Intelligent Data Platform

Delivering the Power of Advanced Analytics,
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


The Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) provides the transparency and control needed to guarantee reliable operation.

Using advanced analytics, machine learning and AI, the IDP can intelligently alert users to problems before they happen through alerts, graphs, maps, charts and data visualizations that enable users to quickly interpret vast amounts of stream data and ensure broadcast-quality results.

See Problems Before They

The IDP analyzes the data and creates benchmarks using descriptive analysis of broadcast metrics such as anomaly detection, encoder quality, round trip time and dropped packets to create predictive models that alert to the likelihood of certain events such as stream failure and content quality issues.

With the IDP users can take proactive action against service degradation or interruption, and design streaming architectures that optimize the quality of transport and service to deliver the quality of content and experience that modern consumers demand.

Telemetry Workflow Diagram

Manage Complexity and Create Value

Manage Complexity and Create Value

Live broadcast operations can be challenging in complex environments that contain a mix of distributed devices and streams, encoder and editing hardware, and the need to connect production and syndication partners using on-prem and multi-cloud resources.

Significant Workflow Issues with Traditional Broadcast:

  • Data Operations Overload – With too many false alarms, it can be hard to tell what is and is not important
  • Reactive – Fixing problems after things break is costly and stressful; predictive maintenance is orders of magnitude cheaper and easier
  • Better RCA – Understand the true causes of instability and failure
  • Need for Agility – Better analytics can improve confidence in new configurations
  • Managing these complex broadcast workflows across hybrid infrastructure can lead to higher operating and maintenance workloads.

Intelligent Analytics and Alerts

As part of the SDVP, the Intelligent Data Platform collects real-time and historical data across all types of hybrid IP networks, private and public clouds. Zixi gathers telemetry from everywhere Zixi software is installed, creating over 3 billion data points per day that are utilized to optimize customers live video workflows.

Leveraging the Intelligent Data Platform, even small operational teams can fully realize the promise of agile, cloud-based workflows at scale with confidence by knowing instead of guessing and seeing patterns in otherwise unmanageable mountains of data.

Health Score History Graph Showing Actual Prediction of Offline Event

Zixi Health Score

  • A numerical value, based on 100+ correlated measurements per source
  • Health score is computed by a machine learning model
  • Inputs include over 100 measurements, not just packet loss, including packet round-trip time, FEC amount, retransmissions, reconnections, congestion and many others

Anomaly Detection

  • Identifies normal behavior and alerts you of deviations
  • Generate customized notifications and preferences to fit your needs
  • Engineers can pinpoint errors faster and identify trends with continuously updated graphs

Historical Graphs

  • View health score, anomalies, statistics and more over time to identify trends and visualize data

Video Content Quality

  • Silence detection
  • Clipped audio
  • Blank image
  • Still image
  • Encoding quality
  • Audio levels

Perceptual Video Quality

  • ePSNR
  • eVMAF
  • eSSIM

Smart Alerts

  • Real-time error detection, event correlation and notifications
  • Customizable alert thresholds based on your use case
  • ML-based Health score alerting

Zixi.AI Protocol

  • ML-based rate control
  • Dynamically adjusts bitrate based on network conditions - updated in real time
Anomaly Graph
Health Score in Channel Diagram
Health Score in Source List

The Zixi Intelligent Data Platform Advantage

3 Billion Samples per day – Continuously updated models, trained using billions of samples per day across the industry and around the world

Unique Data Insights – As part of the SDVP, the IDP has unique access to network and video quality telemetry – at a deeper level than anyone else

Proven Broadcast Quality Delivery at Scale – The Zixi protocol and ZEN Master control plane power some of the highest value live streams globally, and the IDP extends those products and builds on their strengths.

Centralized View of Entire Supply Chain – View and manage the IDP from ZEN Master, which provides a centralized view and access to the entire Zixi-enabled contribution and distribution network

Unparalleled Domain Expertise – With over a decade of experience pioneering broadcast quality delivery over IP networks, Zixi’s software and support is best-in-class


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