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Zixi was founded to help media & entertainment companies more easily distribute live video.  Over the last 15+ years, Zixi innovations are enabling a seismic shift in how video programming is produced and distributed.  Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is purpose built to do one thing: deliver the world’s most valuable content from any source, on any IP network, to any destination.


  • Live video backhaul
  • Remote production / Edit@Home
  • Live event production
  • Live linear / IPTV distribution
  • Live OTT distribution
  • Live channel aggregation
  • Satellite rationalization / replacement

Zixi’s customers require premium performance across all phases of the media supply chain.  Error free delivery of pristine quality broadcast video is expected to operate flawlessly.  Ultra-low latency delivery over secure IP routes must be managed without disruption.  Operating environments extend from the mobile edge to on-prem facilities to cloud over 5G networks, leased fiber, SD WAN and unmanaged internet.  Live video is sensitive to changing conditions and is prone to interruptions.  Video services must be flexible at their core to meet the agile business environment that exemplifies the media space, while maintaining complete control and continuous operations.  Zixi’s SDVP is the worlds most complete platform for managing live video distribution, used by leading media organizations in the most demanding operating environments every day.

Zixi's Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) is the industry’s most complete platform for managing live broadcast-quality video delivery over any IP network, any protocol, any cloud provider, and any edge device.

The last decade has brought seismic shifts in viewer behavior. This has led to an explosion in industry advancements, including virtualization of broadcast media infrastructures and implementation of software defined video networks supporting business agility and cost efficiency strategies the market demands. Zixi's customers leverage the SDVP and robust Zixi Enabled Network of over 350 integrated technology partners and service providers to grow and thrive in this dynamic marketplace.

our customers need to

  • Build and support agile OTT and FAST channel services
  • Plan for satellite contract expirations and accelerate migration to IP based video distribution
  • Migrate live video backhaul or distribution workflows to the Cloud
  • Onboard and normalize channel feeds from many content partners
  • Enter new markets and/or easily deliver to new distribution partners and MVPD affiliates
  • Expand brand content, extend programming reach and engage new audiences
  • Customize channel feeds across distribution partners and regions

We solve these challenges along with the ones you don't see coming. By offering the most advanced technology and innovative thinking for live video transport over IP networks, Zixi keeps you ahead of the curve.


Performance & reliability

Zixi’s customers leverage the SDVP to deliver the highest quality live video. From pristine 4K resolution video production feeds down to specialized mobile distributions, Zixi must deliver. Live video routes are increasingly leveraging unmanaged internet, 5G radio networks and public cloud backbones with many sources being trafficked to many endpoints. The SDVP orchestrates live video routes, bonded across geographically diverse signal paths to ensure end-to-end reliable delivery. 

Zixi delivers the lowest latency in the industry without sacrificing video quality or stream reliability. Processing functions ensure that video is transcoded, packaged and delivered without loss of fidelity and normalized exactly for the playout environment. Zixi is content aware, always delivering a quality optimized stream and congestion aware, identifying network signal issues and actively routing to avoid any disruptions. These core capabilities have been refined in the SDVP and are leveraged across the media supply chain by the industry’s most demanding companies.

& Scale

More live video is being produced, distributed and onboarded in to more destinations and devices than ever before. Zixi is helping organizations to manage scale while preserving cost efficiencies and flexibility that media organizations require. Over 750 leading media organizations leverage the SDVP to continuously deliver over 20,000 live linear and event feeds to thousands of target destinations.

Zixi's ZEN Master helps operations teams seamlessly manage all their video feeds in a single control plane, regardless of the video format or delivery protocol used.  ZEN Master continuously monitors the status of live video and dynamically orchestrates infrastructure resources to ensure that sources are routed via the highest performance networks to target destinations for ultra-low latency, high quality video delivery.  ZEN Master also manages interoperability, dynamically formatting, mapping and transcoding sources to match the needs of the target destination and the Zixi Enabled Network of over 350 integrated technology partners ensure that your investments in video are future-proof and universally supported.

Zixi ZEN Master can also simplify cloud adoption for live video. ZEN Master orchestrates provisioning and configuration of cloud resources in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and others. ZEN Master can scale out live video routing and processing infrastructure in the cloud and provide comprehensive visibility in to the health and status of that infrastructure. ZEN Master also works directly with AWS Media Services, offering greatly enhanced functionality, performance and control over the most popular cloud media services.

Zixi is leading innovations that are unlocking new market opportunities for our customers and generating operational efficiencies and performance that were previously impossible.


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