Use Cases

Bringing simplicity, visibility and cost savings to complex delivery challenges




With more than a decade's experience innovating in the video industry, we’ve solved all of the challenges of digital video broadcasting over IP and management for our clients.

Our clients turn to us for guidance with initiatives that fall into one of three areas:

Simplifying OTT/Digital Video Delivery

The Zixi Platform is used for worldwide over-the-top (OTT) delivery. Our contribution and distribution capabilities for error-free, buffer-free video are used extensively throughout the media industry. Customers deliver thousands of 24x7 linear channels with the Zixi Platform and manage the scale with ZEN Master via on-premise private cloud, public and hybrid clouds to deliver anywhere in the world.

“We can’t believe the quality of the video in the Cloud. The implications on our workflows are wild!”

Senior director of technical operations
for Viacom

Replacing or Augmenting Satellite Technology

The Zixi platform and ZEN Master control plane make it easy for media companies to deliver broadcast quality video over IP networks securely, cost-effectively and at scale.

Improving Orchestration and Visibility of the Supply Chain Process

Zixi dramatically simplifies video supply chain processing with ZEN Master, a proprietary technology that provides a global and unified view of the entire media supply chain.

Movement to Any IP

No matter the transport medium of choice, ZEN Master offers a unified view that allows clients to manage, orchestrate and monitor live video transfer from the source across Zixi enabled network platforms, devices, appliances for seamless distribution of 99.999%+ broadcast quality video at scale. With unparalleled interoperability, best-in-class security and a robust analytics suite including network, transport and content quality alerts, ZEN Master sets the standard for facilitating seamless and flexible end-to-end workflows for today’s leading global media vendors and environments.

ZEN Master facilitates digital video broadcasting over IP for today’s leading global media vendors and environments.