ZEN Master Product Updates

Posted May 7, 2019

With new ZEN Master features and improvements coming fast, we have summarized just a few of this month’s high points in this blog post.
If you would like to learn more about how ZEN Master will make your Zixi Platform workflow (including Zixi Enabled Network partner OEMs) scale to meet enterprise-level needs, we would be happy to demonstrate the many features at your leisure. Schedule a demo today.

A summary of ZEN Master product updates during the month of May 2019:

Transcoding on Azure Broadcaster Clusters

ZEN Master now supports transcoding in Broadcaster clusters on Azure. When adding or editing a Broadcaster cluster, select an instance name with an embedded NVIDIA GPU.

Broadcaster Cluster Menu

Writing HLS/DASH to MediaStore

ZEN Master now supports writing HLS and Dash streams to AWS Elemental MediaStore. To use MediaStore select HTTP for the target type and then select MediaStore for the type.

MediaStore Menu