The Zixi Platform


Zixi's video streaming platform addresses the media industry’s biggest challenges, making it possible for organizations to customize and extend their reach, increase their production speed and reduce operational costs. A key component of the Zixi Platform is its transport protocol, a content and network-aware protocol that dynamically adjusts to varying network conditions and employs error correction techniques for error-free video streaming over IP. With minimum overhead to physical bandwidth, this dynamic mechanism provides low end-to-end latency, removes jitter, recovers and re-orders packets, smooths video delivery and regenerates video to its original form, all in real-time.

Zixi delivers outstanding performance at low predictable latency, superior reliability, no packet loss, and broadcast-grade video quality (SD, HD, and UHD) with no tradeoffs in video or audio delay, resolution or stutter.

Streaming from one Zixi-enabled device/server to another protects every stream from quality degradations along an IP network path. Overcoming the network conditions inherent in the public Internet where the number of network errors, packet loss, jitter and out-of-order packets fluctuates second-by-second has been addressed flawlessly by the Platform for more than ten years. Click here to see how.

Overview of Zixi live video streaming solutions.

Zixi software is integrated into 90% of the market's OEM hardware and can be easily activated to test new contribution and distribution workflows

Just activate your demo license and you can begin testing your new contribution and distribution workflows right away. The Zixi Platform, coupled with the ZEN Master orchestration tools, make it realistic to manage IP video at scale. The Platform can be configured in highly flexible and scalable ways to meet the needs of a wide range of media workflows, including plug-and-play Zixi Cloud solutions.

The Zixi Platform is a flexible IP video workflow solution that can be cloud-based, server-based or a hybrid.




Flawlessly delivering 10,000+ live video channels in over 100 countries.


The Platform has three main software components that can be configured for a wide variety of cloud, on-premise, or hybrid workflows and works with Linux and Windows appliances.  Our software is integrated into 100+ encoder, decoder, cloud multiscreen, and cloud playout partners, and through dozens of service provider partners in the Zixi Enabled Network. The entire Zixi Platform is designed to be orchestrated at scale with ZEN Master

Feed. Broadcast. Receive.

Zixi for Live Linear

The Zixi Platform helps content providers to distribute live linear, broadcast-quality video in large-scale point-to-point or multipoint configurations with precisely-tuned latency. Localized channels and boutique content collections can be delivered anywhere on the planet, quickly, easily, and securely, with redundancy configurations to suit any type of content and budget.

With the Zixi Enabled Network, service providers can ingest channels from content providers, aggregate content from multiple sources, and distribute to partners around the globe, without the expense and rigidity of satellite and fiber business models.

Zixi for Live Events

The Zixi Enabled Network enables live content to be ingested and distributed as live event streams globally anywhere there is an IP connection, and allow for the ingest of high bit rate streams from event venues to be transcoded for multiscreen and CDN delivery in one step. Leverage Zixi’s integrated Zixi Enabled Network partners for deployment solutions at event locations at costs satellite and fiber can't meet. The flexibility of our software, and huge number of OEM and service partners, greatly simplifies live event logistics and gives you new options to explore previously untapped revenue opportunities.


Zixi Cloud

The Zixi Cloud service option replaces traditional satellite and fiber with public cloud solutions that offer a flexible, scalable, and affordable solution for live broadcast-quality content. This service delivers plug-and-play enterprise solutions in the cloud, supporting redundancy, failover, processing, and distribution. By virtualizing the live stream infrastructure, Zixi Enabled Networks provide the business and technology agility to create customized media content offerings for globally diverse audiences.