Zixi Press Release

Net Insight Joins the Zixi Enabled Network

Posted April 14, 2020

To reduce the cost to serve and increase innovation agility Net Insight is joining the Zixi Enabled Network, thus enabling interoperability with other Zixi customers and partners, as well as making it easier to acquire and distribute content over public Clouds such as Amazon Web Services.

Consumer demand for instantly accessible, personalized, immersive content has radically shifted the content delivery towards OTT playout model. OTT has reduced the time and cost to serve consumers with content, and with 5G driving satellite reallocation from media distribution to mobile networking, many broadcasters and Pay-TV providers are looking to IP and cloud for content acquisition and delivery. This new content acquisition workflow needs to deliver on the premise of traditional professional media acquisition: high quality and reliability, low latency, hyper scalability, and interoperability as well as cost efficiency.

Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any IP, and Net Insight have been at the forefront for retransmission-based IP and cloud delivery. The Zixi Enabled Network is constituted by more than 7 00 customers and 180 OEM and technology partners utilizing the Zixi protocol, one of the available retransmission protocols of Amazon Web Services when it comes to acquiring live content. To strengthen Net Insight’s offering and to better serve existing and new customers with interoperable content acquisition workflow solutions, Net Insight is today joining the Zixi Enabled Network.

“We are thrilled to announce Net Insight as part of the Zixi Enabled Network, facilitating interoperability of hundreds of devices, over 100 countries and 80,000 end-points across the world,” says John Wastcoat, SVP Alliances at Zixi.

“Zixi’s Software-Defined Video Platform and best-of-breed protocol extends Net Insight’s ability to securely deliver broadcast quality live video at scale for our customers, regardless of network, device or cloud infrastructure,” says Ulrik Rohne, VP Media Networks at Net Insight.

With Net Insight joining the Zixi Enabled Network, Net Insight’s customers can now ingest content through AWS MediaConnect, as well as interoperate with other Zixi customers through the Nimbra platform, driving agility and innovation in the content delivery ecosystem. One of the first Nimbra customers to offer a combined service around Zixi interoperability is Arqiva, a long-standing Net Insight customer. Arqiva has utilized Net Insight with Zixi for transport protection in its Internet Contribution Service for several years. They have since extended their use of Zixi to AWS MediaConnect leveraging their knowledge and experience for cloud native services.

“End-to-end monitoring is key to Arqiva’s operational model and our renowned service is employed by tier 1 broadcasters, multichannel operators and sports rights holders. Net Insight’s support for Zixi enables us to extend this to internet and cloud-based services,” says Matthew Huntington, Head of Product at Arqiva, the leading communications infrastructure and media services provider.

Along with participants from AWS, Blizzard and Comcast Technology Services, Zixi and Net Insight and will discussing the latest challenges and opportunities facing the broadcast media industry as the industry shifts towards IP-based distribution models in a virtual panel on Tuesday, April 21st at 11 AM EST/4 PM UK as part of Zixi’s two week  Zixi Powered! virtual showcase being run in lieu of NAB 2020. To register for the webinar panel please visit “Zixi Net Insight Panel “.