How Cloud Services and AI are Reducing Complexity and Optimizing Workflows

Posted September 7, 2021

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Zixi as a Service for Universal Aggregation and Distribution

As global video delivery systems increase in complexity, providers everywhere are looking for ways to not only store their valuable information and data, but also to handle rapid changes in the way files, packets and video are transferred and optimized.

Zixi as a Service (ZaaS) is the solution to modern challenges of seemingly limitless file storage needs and increasing intricacy in systems. ZaaS provides an optimized set of infrastructure packages, enabling media companies and service providers to ingest and distribute live video over IP with ultra-low latency – and all the functionality of the whole Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP). Media and entertainment companies can easily extend existing on-premises infrastructures and capabilities to the cloud using Zixi, delivering broadcast quality video while also being able to orchestrate, manage and monitor complex workflows from anywhere in the world using the ZEN Master control plane.

Zixi as a Service helps companies to easily push or pull live and live linear video into or out of the cloud, providing a complete SaaS solution for end-to-end video workflows. Most use the award-winning Zixi protocol for delivery, but ZaaS can also support RIST, RTP+FEC, HLS, CMAF, HLS, DASH, SRT or RTMP. The vast Zixi Enabled Network of global integrated technology partners and service providers allow for reliable content delivery to and from anywhere in the world in broadcast quality and minimal changes to existing infrastructure.

Where Does Artificial Intelligence Play a Role?

Similarly crucial is the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on workflow optimization. Machine Learning algorithms are a core element of Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform, which is being used to collect data solely for the user from the different elements of their infrastructure.

Zixi’s VP of Business Development, Eric Bolton, estimates that any software business ignoring AI and ML may not be in business in three to five years due to increasing complexity in all aspects of video transmission, including root cause analysis. The massive amount of data processing required to weed through mountains of KPIs and potential errors is beyond the scope of human abilities, and requires sophisticated machine processing and advanced analytics to translate properly into actionable insights. Zixi promises to deliver these insights in digestible fragments that are essential to any modern software team in the form of alerts, rules, root causes, health scores and more – integrated right into a users SDVP dashboard.

The Zixi Intelligent Data Platform Advantage

  • 3 Billion Samples per day – Continuously updated models, trained using billions of samples per day across the industry and around the world
  • Unique Data Insights – As part of the SDVP, the IDP has unique access to network and video quality telemetry – at a deeper level than anyone else
  • Proven Broadcast Quality Delivery at Scale – The Zixi protocol and ZEN Master control plane power some of the highest value live streams globally, and the IDP extends those products and builds on their strengths.
  • Centralized View of Entire Supply Chain – View and manage the IDP from ZEN Master, which provides a centralized view and access to the entire Zixi-enabled contribution and distribution network
  • Unparalleled Domain Expertise – With over a decade of experience pioneering broadcast quality delivery over IP networks, Zixi’s software and support is best-in-class

Learn more about the Intelligent Data Platform here.