Zixi named Insight Success Top 10 Most Innovative Companies

Posted March 25, 2022

Zixi honored to be recognized as Top 10 Most Innovative companies revolutionizing media & entertainment.  The below excerpts are featured in the recent Insight Success magazine article found here.

For the past few years the rise of several video streaming platforms has made it easier to access digital content and live streams at our fingertips. It is fascinating to witness the upward curve of digitalization and the technology that goes into these platforms, providing users with easy-to-use seamless service. Spearheading with innovative solutions, Zixi was founded to assist companies reliably delivering broadcast-quality video securely over any network worldwide.

Gordon Brooks, the CEO, states that Zixi got started by developing a transport protocol that continuously optimizes video delivery, even as network conditions and traffic patterns change. Zixi has always been at the center of explosive growth in live video delivery over IP networks and worked closely with its customer and industry partners to build the Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) to orchestrate, automate, and manage complex live video distribution.

The Zixi Enabled Network of over 300 technology integrations into devices, platforms and service providers ensures interoperability throughout the ecosystem supply-chain. Zixi will continue to drive innovation that changes how live content is produced, delivered, licensed and monetized……


Learn more about what Zixi is doing to power next generation globally distributed linear OTT services today…

Detailed overview on how Zixi works with AWS and Verizon to deploy 5G Mobile Edge Compute Low Latency video distribution.

Zixi guarantees compliant streams to any destination with on-the-fly digital supply chain processing.

Zixi ZEN Master Control Plane enables remote production and management with no compromises to quality or visibility.

Zixi’s commitments to deliver premium quality services and innovations to support sustainability efforts.