Zixi discusses technical implementation of 5G solutions with IEEE

Posted June 21, 2022

Zixi’s Emeka Okoli, VP of Customer Success & Solutions, recently presented technical insights on successfully managing bonded 4G LTE/5G live video transmission circuits.  Check out the full article featured in this month’s IEEE Broadcast Technology Magazine.

Excerpts from the article:

Cellular companies have been heavily promoting the benefits of fifth-generation (5G) cellular service over the current and more readily available fourth-generation (4G) service. For their part, cellular companies have relied on promoting the significant difference in download speed to consumers. However, in addition to increased speed—as much as 100 times faster than 4G1—there are two other benefits of 5G over 4G: decreased latency and enhanced coverage.

These advantages can have a significant impact on the bonded cellular technology that is being used by broadcast and media organization to send live video signals back to their production control rooms.

Bonded Cellular For Video

As the term implies, bonded cellular is the process of multiplexing two or more cellular internet connections simultaneously (via SIM cards), with timing of the video signal between each individual cellular service handled by various algorithms. This provides an increase in cellular bandwidth that is capable of handling the needs of live video for broad- cast. A bonded system takes in an audio and video feed at the origination point of the connection and outputs audio and video at the receiving point.

Bonded cellular allows video contribution and/or distribution over the Internet,” which uses a managed IP net- work to significantly lower, or even eliminate, packet loss. A well-engineered system will deliver outstanding performance at low predictable latency, superior reliability, no packet loss, and broadcast-grade video quality (SD, HD, and UHD) with no tradeoffs in video or audio delay, resolution, or “stutter.”

For broadcasters or media organizations, it is significantly less expensive than using satellite transmission and does not rely on a hard-wired Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. For news gathering and live reality programs, bonded cellular is, literally, what makes many of the stories and programs technically and financially possible.

Benefits Of 4G/5G Bonded Video Over 4G-Only

Bonding of 4G LTE and 5G taps the benefits of both spec- trums in enabling seamless and highly resilient signal uptimes. It also provides a failsafe in the case of failure of one or the other. Additional bonding back-up can be provided via the public Internet. As an example, one available technology— a software-defined video platform—allows users to enable contribution or distribution from nearly any location with 99.999 percent reliability7.

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