Zixi Press Release


Posted March 26, 2019

Easily Enable Secure and Reliable Distribution for Error-free Video Streaming Over IP Using Zixi Technology

Zixi, the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over the public Internet, announced that Synamedia, the world’s largest independent video software provider, has integrated Zixi in to the D9800 Network Transport Receiver. The Synamedia D9800 is the most versatile receiver designed for today’s rapidly changing media environment that allows content providers the flexibility to migrate easily from satellite to terrestrial technologies in one device. Synamedia has also integrated the Virtual Digital Content Manager (DCM) platform into Zixi to offer virtualized and software-based video processing. Demanded by the industry largest content providers, Zixi’s proven, best-of-breed IP distribution coupled with Synamedia’s broad portfolio will allow a graceful path to terrestrial distribution from traditional satellite distribution.

The D9800, traditionally used for satellite distribution in combination with Synamedia’s PowerVu Network Center (PNC), employs an all-in-one interface that allows traditional content providers the tools to gracefully transition to the next generation of distribution solutions and embrace terrestrial transport without disruption, all while providing the same or better distribution, control, and reliability of satellite. The Virtual DCM encoding and multiplexing platform is a key component for video processing in both content and service provider headends.

D9800 and Virtual DCM customers can take advantage of Zixi’s well-proven methods of optimizing IP-networks delivering live video content in real-time, leveraging a fast, secure and reliable contribution methodology for getting video content over terrestrial means. Zixi provides best-in-class resiliency using a combination of content-aware and network adaptive forward error correction, error recovery, congestion avoidance, bonding of multiple transmission paths and dynamic feedback to control encoder rate, all at a minimal latency.

“As the industry transitions to cloud video delivery over IP, our combined solution allows content providers to better position themselves for both emerging and established global markets”, said Julien Signes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Video Processing, Synamedia. “The Zixi integration enables our customers to quickly and smoothly transition their businesses with little disruption to existing workflows.”

“The Zixi Platform delivers mezzanine quality broadcast technology for live video giving content creators and distributors a real choice in efficient, dependable global solutions,” said John Wastcoat, SVP Alliances and Marketing, Zixi.  “We are excited to expand the interoperability of the Zixi ecosystem leveraging the excellence of the Synamedia platform to enable global media businesses to easily create opportunities for content creators to leverage IP networks around the world to deliver media catered to audiences demographics that want dependable, flexible access to content with pristine quality.”

About Zixi

Zixi provides a cloud based and on-premise software platform that enables broadcast-quality video delivery over IP. The company offers the Zixi Platform for broadcasters, enterprises, over-the-top video providers, and mobile service providers around the world.  The Zixi Platform makes it easy and economical for media companies to source, manage, localize, and distribute live events and 24/7 live linear channels in broadcast QoS, securely and at scale, using managed and unmanaged IP networks. Zixi provides enhanced control in large complex networks with ZEN Master, a cloud-based platform that provides visual tools to configure, orchestrate, and monitor live broadcast channels and events across industry protocols.  Over 10+ years, the Zixi Enabled Network (ZEN) has grown to over 50 OEM and service providers and we serve well over 350 customers representing most of the top media brands around the world with 10,000+ channels delivered daily. zixi.com


About Synamedia

We’re helping service providers around the world to deliver, protect, and monetize video content so they can win in the age of Infinite Entertainment. We do that with the world’s most complete, secure, and advanced end-to-end open video delivery solution. And we’re trusted by over 200 top satellite DTH, cable, telco, and OTT operators, broadcasters, and media companies. Synamedia is backed by the Permira funds.