Zixi and 5G: NAB Show Daily

Posted December 21, 2021

While we may not be meeting in Vegas, there is lots of news in our space and NAB Show Daily is covering it.  Zixi has been leading the way in supporting cloud based remote production, multi-access edge networks (MEC) and hybrid 4G/5G/IP video contribution and distribution.  The NAB Show Daily caught up with John Wastcoat, Senior Vice President of Alliances and Marketing at Zixi for an update.


The following excerpts are from the October 2021 issue of NAB Show Daily and was written by Phil Kurz.  The full article is here.

The continued rollout of 5G is already beginning to touch the media and entertainment industry in ways ranging from contribution to distribution, but these transformations simply look to be among the first and most apparent changes fifth-generation mobile networks will make on how TV and movies are produced and consumed by the public.

This isn’t just hype, something that’s dominated media coverage of 5G, said John Wastcoat, senior vice president of alliances and marketing at Zixi. 

“We hear so often about new products being revolutionary that the term has lost its meaning, and certainly the hype surrounding 5G peaked early at a point where the networks and the use cases were not able to deliver on the promise,” said Wastcoat. “But we can now point to a long list of benefits that [5G] brings.” 

Among the most significant for the M&E industry are the lowest latency possible and faster data delivery speeds, greater accessibility, the ability to deliver higher-quality content to consumers, cost savings made manifest by reduced fixed infrastructure investment and enhanced cloud integration, he said.

For more depth on how 5G, multi-access edge compute (MEC) and cloud infrastructure are converging to enable exciting new ultra-low latency live video applications, check out the highly informative deep dive webinar that Zixi and partners from Bloomberg, Verizon and AWS presented.

Zixi, Verizon, AWS and Bloomberg discuss how 5G enables new live video applications