How to Deliver Live Video Over 5G

Delivering live video over 5G networks is no longer just a theory – 5G deployment is now a reality and has the power to transform the way content is created, distributed, and consumed.

In this panel session, Zixi's VP of Business Development Eric Bolten leads a discussion on the realities of 5G deployments with decisionmakers from Amazon Web Services, Bloomberg, and Verizon who have experience delivering live video over 5G networks, covering:

  • Opportunities and challenges of 5G delivery
  • Best practices learned from setting up deployment architectures
  • How content providers can leverage the right 5G infrastructure to deliver new and improved experiences for the end consumer


  • Savi Venkatachalapathy, GTM Specialist, AWS Wavelength
  • Loic Barbou, Chief Architect, Bloomberg Media
  • David Pirrocco, Distinguished Architect, Verizon Enterprise Solutions
  • Eric Bolten, VP Business Development, Zixi