Zixi Press Release

AWS and Zixi Enable Real-time AV1 Encoding

Posted November 14, 2019


AWS and Zixi Enable Real-time AV1 Encoding: Socionext, a leader system-on-chip products worldwide, relies on the Zixi protocol and AWS technology to break new ground in developing real-time AV1 encoding solutions, ensuring a high-quality video stream with more efficient processing and economics.

Content creators first capture content with a JVC Connected Cam camera, the only professional camera to natively support the Zixi protocol. Using Forward Error Correction and Automatic Repeat Request packet loss recovery, the Zixi protocol then transports the content to the AWS ecosystem where real-time AV1 encoding is conducted by Socionext in the cloud.

Read the full blog post on AWS’ Media Blog here.

Socionext Workflow with Zixi