Low Latency Transport

Because live content needs to be live

With Zixi’s low latency video delivery over all IP, content providers can truly replicate the TV experience while leveraging a more economical transport method.

Zixi provides the ability to transport live MPEG-2, H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, and JPEG 2000 video at ultra-low latency, making the internet viable for global content transport across distances, ideal for live sports and event streaming, gaming and gambling, or real-time video communication.

Zixi’s protocols and applications for real-time delivery do not compromise on visual quality, while ensuring that latency is maintained and synchronized across devices, network locations, and conditions so that content providers can deliver video in real-time to the end user with confidence.

Final of Indian Premier League

What Makes Us Unique

In a communication system there is a 3-way tradeoff between latency, bitrate and resiliency. With Zixi, the tradeoffs are at their optimum, and the latency and overhead are customizable, enabling transport of broadcast-quality video according to your unique needs.

When it comes to transporting compressed video for delivery at broadcast-quality, Zixi provides the lowest latency out there. Sub-second worldwide transport latencies are practical and fully supported by the Zixi Platform. For robust streams that are not time sensitive, or for example if they wish playout to be in sync with broadcast or satellite, users can set latency to a few seconds, or greater.

The Zixi protocol has the least transport latency of any protocol currently in production use.  Zixi’s protocol uses a combination of adaptive FEC, network bonding, congestion avoidance and hitless failover  to algorithmically reconstruct data down the supply chain in potentially less than a round-trip. We also back up our low latency delivery with Zixi’s unique hitless failover technique, which creates one coherent stream out of multiple stream fragments using  a DNA sequence alignment algorithm.

Our transcoding and HLS packaging supports CMAF and the community recommended chunked-based-encoding-and-transfer-approach supported by CDNs and video players.  Using this approach, sub-three second delivery latency is achievable.