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iOiO Integrates Zixi SDVP for Live Video

Posted November 24, 2020

zixi and ioio

Automation and Orchestration of Complex Live Video Solutions in the Cloud

the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over any-IP, and award winning architect of the Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP), today announced an integration and partnership with iOiO, a SaaS platform that accelerates live streaming, video encoding, and channel playout in the AWS Cloud.

iOiO provides automated solutions for creating end-to-end video workflows by utilizing the power of AWS Media Services, serverless architecture, and cloud scalability. With over 12 years of experience in video, iOiO delivers an intuitive user interface and powerful API for service integrators. iOiO’s live streaming, channel playout, and VOD encoding workflows meet modern OTT and broadcaster needs, providing scale and reducing CAPEX and OPEX with no added overhead for engineering or learning.

By combining iOiO Live Workflows with the SDVP, users can easily feed Zixi transport streams into the cloud for encoding and OTT distribution to multiple platforms and partners. iOiO users can easily enable Zixi for error-free video transport over any IP network, with minimal changes to existing workflows. Using ZEN Master and iOiO Live Automation, customers can leverage the benefits of a cloud-based control plane without the necessity of hardware infrastructure or a large operations team. This integration automatically creates an AWS delivery Endpoint, which is configured on the iOiO platform to transcode, insert ads, and deliver the OTT stream to the customer’s CDN.

“The seamless integration between Zixi’s ZEN Master and iOiO’s Live Automation allows broadcasters and content producers to leverage automated solutions for end-to-end workflows that offer greater value and ease-of-use than ever before” said Brian Lisi, CEO, iOiO . “Only Zixi has had the vision to provide such forward-looking solutions.”

“The SDVP delivers live video securely and at scale over any IP network, any protocol, using any cloud or service provider, and any edge device,” said John Wastcoat, SVP Alliances and Marketing, Zixi. “The integration by iOiO allows our AWS customers to even more quickly and easily encode and distribute their streams to disparate destinations.”

Zixi and iOiO will be presenting an overview and demonstrating the integrated offering on Tuesday, December 15th at 11 AM EST/4 PM UK. Please click here to register for the Unleash the Power of the Cloud with iOiO and Zixi webinar.

iOiO Zixi webinar