Evaluating the Impact of 5G with Zixi’s Business Development Leader

Posted September 2, 2021

Is your organization evaluating the utility of 5G technology and/or IP for primary video distribution? Eric Bolton, Zixi’s Vice President of Strategic Account Development, dives into the benefits of 5G and how Zixi is staying ahead of the game to greatly enhance user experience. 

With the dawn of a new digital age upon us, staying up-to-date with streaming technology is absolutely essential. This new age is ushering in advances such as 5G technology, which is already being pushed in the handheld devices of mobile users but far from its seemingly limitless potential. Uses include applications within all kinds of products, technologies, facilities, factories, and much more around the world.

Eric states: “5G represents the introduction of a new network for companies in the media and will have a profound impact on contribution and production, as well as multi-site distribution. Zixi is rolling out 5G production in 2021 with our customers and has been at the forefront of how content elements, the cloud, the telecom operator and the cellular network are combined with the solution defined by Zixi’s software.”

5G will allow devices to communicate rapidly in ways they could not before, which will be incredibly useful for all kinds of technologies such as automated factories, self-driving cars, and Zixi’s focus on video streaming at low latency over IP. With devices communicating nearly instantaneously in real-time, machines can pinpoint errors like lag or packet loss as soon as it occurs, make adjustments, and ensure end users receive the highest quality video available without packet loss.

Bolton commented on Zixi’s adoption of new technologies that will benefit from 5G, specifically speaking to Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform (IDP). The IDP promises to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to detect problems before they become detrimental, evaluate the status of video-streaming components, customizable alerting/rule creation and diagnostic monitoring – all while continuously improving over time to meet the needs of the user. The goal of the IDP is to perform analysis that an individual could not do in the same time frame, pulling from a variety of data sources to generate a holistic picture for the user with aggregated data points, ultimately improving video quality over time.

The IDP and 5G in general will help users understand overall system health, root cause analysis, and prescriptive elements in ways they could not do previously due to a lack of time or human constraints. Automation of these processes will certainly allow for faster computing, better quality streaming over IP, simplified management of streams for organizations and less latency and packet loss for end users – overall increasing the standard of quality for the entire video streaming workflow. This is an exciting time to be in streaming video and the technology will undoubtedly continue to improve over time as more and more users adopt 5G in their workflows and/or integrate AI to help aggregate data, spot trends, and ultimately improve UX for customers.

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