Secure, Reliable and Always-On Reserved Cost-Optimized Live Video Delivery

Zixi PIPE builds off the industry leading performance of Zixi Broadcaster to deliver price optimized live video routes for persistent point-to-point connections.  Zixi PIPE routes establish persistent 100Mbps tunnels between defined locations, across any network to deliver high performance point-to-point live video delivery with Zixi’s marketing leading reliability and security.

Flexibly Video Delivery with Fixed Costs

The market has changed. Media organizations must increasingly build flexibility in to live video delivery pipelines. While this flexibility is unlocking new business opportunities, it can be challenging to anticipate costs and manage delivery budgets.

Zixi PIPE solves this with reserved fixed point-to-point or point-to-mulitpoint bandwidth. Zixi PIPE connections are continuously optimized 100Mbps protected connections that can be used to deliver any mix of production feeds, live events and linear programming. This provides media organizations a simple way to clearly understand delivery costs, regardless of how the programming mix changes over time, while continuing to offer the flexibility and scalability required.


  • QoS Protected delivery of live linear channels
  • Continuous content-aware bandwidth optimization
  • Congestion aware routing that continuously and dynamically optimizes resiliency and latency
  • Bi-Directional Unicast and Multicast Support
  • Enhanced security including DTLS connection validation and AES-256 content encryption support
  • Protocol switching for on/off-ramp traffic with native integrations of over 17 industry protocols

Reliable Delivery on Any Network, Scaled for Any Application

Zixi PIPE Connections can be bonded across diverse networks and combined to scale available bandwidth

Zixi PIPE establishes a fixed connection between locations on managed networks, unmanaged internet and over 5G networks. For customers who need more bandwidth, multiple connections can be seamlessly bonded, creating bandwidth optimized network routes capable of reliably delivering the most demanding live video.

Confidently Delivery with Zixi’s Industry Leading Reliability and Performance

Zixi PIPE use the market proven Zixi protocol to maintain a high performance, ultra-low latency and video optimized connection with dynamic congestion and content aware delivery that continuously optimizes the network for efficient video transport.

Live video routes can span multiple networks, supporting uninterrupted delivery and automated dynamic route management across diverse signal paths. Zixi PIPE takes care of protocol switching for on-ramp and off-ramp traffic, enabling interoperability with native implementations of IP 17+ IP delivery protocols and formats. This means that any channel can be easily trafficked on the Zixi PIPE regardless of what protocols the source and target destination support.

Access to Zixi’s market leading layered security is included, enabling DTLS connection security combined with content encryption and password protections to actively prevent unauthorized access to valuable content. Additionally, integrated content quality analysis and detailed QoS metrics supports continuous real-time live video monitoring.

Each Zixi PIPE delivers the highest performance live video delivery between locations that can be achieved, while providing an easy upgrade path into the full Zixi Broadcaster and Zixi Software-Defined Video Platform.

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