Joint Partner Webinar

XL8 Live Subs Speech to Text and Translation Enhancing Global Reach of Content with Zixi SDVP

Learn about how XL8’s Live Subs platform uses state of the art AI to power its translation and sub-title engine and how its integration with Zixi’s SDVP enables users to offer live broadcasts in 725 languages to customers in 120 countries. In this webinar we will demonstrate XL8’s advanced live subtitling and translation for real-time broadcasts achieved using proprietary translation algorithms trained on media content delivering unparalleled accuracy. We will show how integrating the Zixi protocol natively into the XL8 platform enhances performance and how Zixi’s ZEN Master offers a unified control plane to send and receive streams directly into XL8’s platform reducing friction and simplifying operations.


John Wastcoat, SVP Business Development and Marketing, Zixi
Harjinder Sandhu, Director of Product Marketing, Zixi
John Butterworth, Vice President Sales Engineering, XL8

Broadcast Date:

August 8, 2023