Joint Partner Webinar

High-performance, Ultra-low Latency WebRTC with Zixi and Red5

The integration of Zixi into Red5 Pro Server delivers fast, secure, interactive video experiences in real time, at scale, delivering high quality streams with end-to-end encryption while auto scaling across various device types and cloud providers. This webinar from experts at Red5 and Zixi will detail how the integrated offering provides access to video streaming orchestration tools that allows users to skip the CDN, deploy auto scaled clustering on any public or private cloud provider, online or offline supporting millions of streams under 500 milliseconds of latency enabling users to serve new and wide range of applications such as eSports, Broadcast, Online gambling, Live auctions, Government and the world of IoT.


Moderator: John Wastcoat, SVP BD & Marketing, Zixi
Tim Baldwin, VP Product, Zixi
Chris Allen, CEO, Red5

Broadcast Date:

January 30, 2024