Joint Partner Webinar

End-to-End Live Video Distribution with Red Bee Media and Zixi

Red Bee Media, provider of an end-to-end managed service offering, has adopted the entire SDVP and standardized on Zixi and Zixi ZEN Master for the management of Channel Store, a global signal aggregation and distribution platform.

This webinar explores how Red Bee Media relies on the SDVP to deliver ultra-low latency live video and configure, deploy and monitor streams from anywhere in the world through one comprehensive system.

Through a live demo, we’ll show how users of Channel Store can easily aggregate live content from multiple sources over Red Bee’s global network, including internal and external playout sources, fixed-line fiber connections, web streams and secure internet delivery, and manage streams from Zixi’s ZEN Master control plane.


David Nortier, European Managing Director, Zixi
Kristian Langbridge, Head of Transformation & Live Video Distribution Solutions, Red Bee Media
Chris Fellows, Senior Solutions Engineer, Zixi

Broadcast Date:

September 16, 2020