Video Processing, Normalization and Live Transcoding

Streamline Workflows and Reduce Overhead by Utilizing Multi-Talented Video Processing and Normalization Engine of the Zixi SDVP®

Software Defined Video Platform: SDVP®

Changes in consumers’ viewing habits have forced broadcasters and content creators to adopt new and innovative ways to deliver content. Fan engagement and interactive viewing experiences require them to revisit the fundamental engineering behind the delivery to a point where traditional methods of transport and processing of content do not match what is needed. Live video delivery workflows have significantly increased in complexity, thus requiring broadcasters to turn to new technologies.

Many broadcasters have adopted IP video delivery to meet the growing demand while allowing them to experiment with new business models. The flexibility of IP enables content creators to reach more audiences with little extra cost, distinguishing itself from conventional satellite and fixed fiber delivery. However, this new way of content delivery requires new tools that address the unique challenges. 

Video Processing on the Fly

Many broadcasters must do more with less to meet the competitive requirements of on-demand viewing and content personalization. Content providers must publish the same content to different takers, in different formats, which requires video content processing on the fly. Video processing in IP video delivery involves operations such as compression, transcoding, adaptive streaming, encryption, error correction, and content enhancement to efficiently and securely transmit video content over IP networks, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience. The SDVP and its Live Transcoding engine enable broadcasters to process content as required by downstream recipients while maintaining signal quality and ultra-low latency. Below are some of the unique features of the Live Transcoding platform:

Low latency transcoding: GPU accelerated low latency transcoding enables users to receive mezzanine live video streams and transcoding to broadcast quality H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC. For OTT streaming video platforms and social media/eSports, Zixi Live Transcoding supports packaging to HLS, DASH, and RTMP.

Bandwidth Optimization: Using Zixi’s Live Transcoding platform, users can reduce operation costs by reducing the transport stream bandwidth of incoming streams. Service providers can also utilize lower bitrate streams into repackaged RTMP or HLS wrappers to deliver to social media such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Twitch.

Codec conversion for downstream compatibility: Using the platform, users can convert streams between different video codecs, resolutions, and frame rates to ensure downstream compatibility, for example, converting HEVC streams to H.264 to feed legacy decoders and IRDs facilitating interoperability across different systems and networks.

Flexible Deployments on Prem or Cloud: The software-based Live Transcoding engine is available in various deployment options, including on-prem server-based bare metal installation and on cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Azure, and OCI. 

Multiplexing and normalization for delivery: Applications requiring PID mapping or renaming of TS attributes, as well as multiplexing and demultiplexing various audio and video streams, can utilize the Zixi platform to manipulate and process content to serve the needs of the downstream distribution platform. 

Image overlay: Utilize the unique capabilities of the Zixi video processing engine to embed live graphics via HTML overlay, enabling traditional live video workflows without the need for expensive and dedicated infrastructure. 

Protocol translation: OTT service providers and vMVPDs receive streams from many sources, often wrapped in different protocols and standards. Zixi’s Live Transcoding allows users to normalize and convert various incoming protocols to a uniform Zixi Protocol and leverage its unique features, such as patented hitless failover and cellular network bonding. The SDVP supports over 18 industry protocols, facilitating interoperability between various network systems. 

Ad Insertion: Leverage a multitude of ad-insertion features such as SCTE-35 pass-through, CUE-OUT/IN, splice, and OnCuePoint to optimize and streamline workflows, delivering optimal performance. 

The Zixi Difference

Zixi’s Live Transconding platform offers a wide range of control and management options, including Web Interface, REST API, or via ZEN Master orchestration, management, and monitoring control plane. ZEN Master makes it easy to manage inputs and outputs for hundreds of live video streams at scale. With just a few clicks and automatic configuration details for network resources and distribution targets, users can create new live channels and spin up required streams on the fly. Zixi’s Live Transcoding and Video processing in IP ensures that live events, such as sports broadcasts, news coverage, and live entertainment, are delivered smoothly, securely, and with minimal delay to a wide range of viewers across various devices and network conditions.

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