Zixi Press Release

Zixi Welcomes Ericsson as its Newest Integration Partner

Posted September 12, 2018

Ericsson taps Zixi to provide software-defined, high-demand live stream solutions for content contribution applications.

Ericsson has chosen Zixi to provide additional technology capabilities for their Contribution applications. Zixi’s Feeder and Receiver technology will be integrated into Ericsson’s recently launched MediaFirst Content Processing software-based decoder to meet the needs of media businesses that rely on premium content revenue.  Zixi is the industry leader for enabling dependable, live broadcast-quality video over the public Internet.

“Ericsson customers are demanding broadcast quality on every screen. We must provide effective and agile deployments that maintain content integrity. We’re delighted to partner with Zixi to provide a first-rate service for high-demand, broadcast quality IP-based delivery,” says Arpad Jordan, Head of Media Processing and Delivery, Media Solutions at Ericsson.

“We recognize that Ericsson is an important leader in the broadcast space with tier-1 sports leagues and other entertainment customers that must provide a dependable, live, synced, video service across many screens. We are thrilled to have Ericsson join Zixi’s growing ecosystem of partners that make IP-based distribution dependable and standardized for all viewers to enjoy.” Michael Poppler, Director of Global Channel Sales at Zixi.

Zixi is seamlessly added to any hardware and software platform by leveraging the free Zixi SDK and API. This allows all partners and customers to become standards-based compliant.  The SDK and API enable all partners, and their customers, to have a cost-effective, proven, and secure method for delivering true broadcast quality live content over the open Internet.