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Zixi to Provide Support for VIVE 4K Live Stream Bout

Posted February 19, 2019

Vive Network Turns Live 4K Fight Into a Calling Card
Partnership with Classic Entertainment Sports and WBC aims to meet demand for live streaming in 4K

For anyone tired of streaming live sports in anything less than 4K HDR, Vive Network has an upcoming lineup you’ll want to see. On Saturday, Feb. 23, Vive is partnering with Classic Entertainment Sports (CES) and the World Boxing Council (WBC) to stream a night of fights. The marquee event will be a championship match between Jamaine Ortiz and Ricardo “Conejo” Quiroz, both undefeated lightweights, as they battle for the WBC World Youth Lightweight Title.
Bringing this lineup from Rhode Island’s Twin Rivers Casino to boxing fans around the world will take the work of a specialized group of partners in a workflow organized by Vive. Vive will capture the fights using Grass Valley cameras and switchers, creating the UHD HDR video. An on-premises Harmonic Vibe CP9000 contribution encoder will create high-quality compressed video. Zixi will upload that video over the public internet (no satellite truck needed) to Harmonic, which will use its Vos 360 SaaS to transcode, package, and encrypt it. The resulting adaptive-bitrate file will go to Tulix, which has created the payment gateway for the event and will deliver the secure files through its CDN.
Sports fans want to stream live 4K video to their big-screen sets, but so far content has been scarce. Vive founder John J. Jacaman saw an opportunity there, but getting to this point took work. [Read More on SVG…]