Zixi Press Release


Posted September 11, 2018

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVC) and Zixi collaborate to package products and services that bring broadcast quality streaming technology into reach for a wider variety of content creators
Zixi, the market leader in delivering live broadcast-quality video over the open Internet, is proud to announce its deepening relationship with JVC products and services. JVC and Zixi have agreed to extend their business relationship to better provide broadcast-quality streaming services to education, sports, religious, government, and other non-broadcast storytellers. JVC has created a series of products with technology based on the Zixi Platform in form factors that make top-of-the-line streaming technology widely accessible and affordable for more organizations around the world.

Worldwide video crews use a variety of professional JVC cameras with built-in Zixi streaming engine to capture and stream content. Now, JVC customers can quickly ramp up streaming services via a plug-and-play, low-barrier-to-entry, video streaming product called zRamp. This JVC and Zixi collaboration allow broadcast-quality video and audio streaming in an affordable, reliable, pre-configured product line.
“JVC’s zRamp product is a great solution for institutions and groups that want to guarantee rock-solid delivery of their video and audio content, but don’t have the deep engineering expertise of large broadcast companies. zRamp knits together the JVC products our customers know well, with key elements of the Zixi Platform – the most dependable, secure, high-quality video streaming software on the market today. zRamp makes it possible for JVC camera users to reliably stream the same quality video and audio as the world’s biggest broadcasters.” Edgar Shane, General Manager, Professional Video, JVCKENWOOD USA
For institutions gathering and distributing a wide variety of video content in locations around the world, successful delivery depends on systems and software that can smoothly handle the wild, unpredictable nature of unmanaged network traffic. The Zixi Platform has been used by the world’s biggest television brands for many years because the software is specifically designed to solve video streaming challenges with unique hitless failover techniques and seamless protection switching methods. Now JVC’s zRamp product is making it possible for any size institution to have access to Zixi’s top-of-the-line video streaming protection in a simple, pre-configured JVC product.
“Zixi’s ten-plus years of deep research and algorithm development has resulted in video streaming software that produces results that are unrivaled in the industry. We are thrilled to make it easy for JVC customers to take their streaming content to the next level by incorporating key tools from the Zixi Platform.” Israel Drori, President, Zixi.
Both JVC and Zixi will showcase demonstrations at the IBC Show in Amsterdam from September 13-18th. Visit JVC at the IBC 2018 Show in Hall 12 Stand F31 to learn more about zRamp. See the Zixi Platform and ZEN Master in Hall 14 Stand Fll.