Posted September 4, 2018

Testing confirms video delivery reliability beyond six-nines due to patent-pending hitless failover technique, matchless error correction, and peerless security protocols.

Zixi, an industry leader for enabling dependable, live and live linear video delivery over the public Internet via the Zixi Platform, has successfully launched its latest major software upgrade improving reliability in key areas of streaming technology. Upgraded features improve upon already peerless capabilities, such as a patent pending hitless failover technique that can synchronize between non-uniquely identified multi-path streams from multiple contribution points to prevent missing and out of sequence packets and jitter.
It is vital that media businesses take advantage of Zixi’s decade-long dedication to optimizing IP-networks for video. Zixi’s ability to provide up to six-nines of QoS service is crucial when companies are delivering hundreds of channels around the world with millions of dollars in revenue at stake, 99.9999% uptime is fundamental for the world’s high demand live and live linear broadcast quality content.
The Zixi Platform has excelled in live transcoding, adaptive bitrates, and best-in-class security for more than a decade. With more than 250 worldwide media businesses depending on our software, Zixi dedicated R&D engineers will continue to push past today’s limits in IP-networks to provide the best live linear and live event experiences for viewers around the world.
The Zixi Platform’s latest product release continues to solve media business problems distributing at scale with multiple, asynchronous video streams. The Zixi Platform can create one coherent stream of video out of multiple stream fragments with a patent-pending, sophisticated reconstruction algorithm that does not rely on unique identification. Unlike other technologies, the Zixi Platform applies a multiple alignment algorithm, that works much like DNA sequence alignment, to reconstruct the original sequence of IP packets that best recreates the original video stream.
Reliability is improved in the Zixi Platform’s latest release by continual response testing of adaptive bitrate technology that dynamically resolves internet issues in sub-millisecond response times to deliver pristine, uninterrupted low latency video. Zixi engineers are always working to further reduce overhead to physical bandwidth, by smart-dynamic mechanisms that provide low end-to-end latency, removes jitter, recovers and re-orders packets, smooths video delivery, and regenerates video in its original form – all in real-time.
Zixi Platform workflows provide 99.9999% reliability in both on-premise and cloud-based workflows. The Zixi Cloud, with ZEN Master orchestration included, continues to improve its ability to automatically respond to stream monitoring and reliably make ever more efficient adjustments on-the-fly.
Zixi continues to innovate solutions that allow media companies to reliably expand video streaming options with cloud-based solutions that offer a more flexible, scalable, secure and affordable solution for live broadcast-quality content.
See demos of the Zixi Platform and ZEN Master at IBC 2018 in Hall 14 F11. PR Contact: Zixi LLC info@zixi.com 617-596-3489