Zixi Press Release

Swiss iKO Media Group and Zixi Expand Partnership

Posted January 8, 2018

Schindellegi, Switzerland – iKO Media Group, a global end-to-end service provider for broadcasters and content owners, and Zixi, have announced today an expansion to their existing partnership enabling enhanced throughput capabilities to support iKO’s expansion into Asia, Europe, and LATAM.

The expanded integration of Zixi’s technology platform into iKO’s global video delivery network will allow iKO to establish new contribution and distribution links to deliver channels over the internet in the most rapid, effective and high-quality way to global customers.

 “Our strategic partners are an integral part of our business.” said Yaniv Maman, CTO at iKOMG “To be able to offer our clients around the globe our holistic solutions for content distribution, we must stay competitive in terms of technical capacity and advancements. We are very happy to expand our operations with Zixi as we see them as high-quality service and solutions providers that will, in turn, allow us to continue providing excellent services to our customers.”

The combined extensive experience of iKO and Zixi in the global market allows them to offer global coverage and reach using the most sought-after satellites and fiber connectivity to make sure content is smoothly delivered and within specific budgets.

“iKO Media is an exciting and game-changing service provider for content owners and broadcasters,”  said Michael Poppler, Director of Global Channel Sales at Zixi.  “Powered by Zixi, iKO Media enables perfect, secure, flexible and cost-effective managed delivery of live linear TV channel contributions and distributions to virtually any global teleport or affiliate within hours.”