Partner Webinar: Cloud-Based Editing and Delivery with Vimond

Posted May 7, 2020

Zixi and Vimond Partner Webinar


Vimond has partnered with Zixi to provide a revolutionary cloud-based collaborative storytelling tool for broadcasters and media outlets, designed to meet the new requirements of efficient video production. Join us for our upcoming joint webinar on Wednesday May 27th at 11 AM EST where, we’ll give a live demo of how Zixi and Vimond provide integrated, efficient cloud-based editing and delivery solutions for broadcast-quality live video.

Built by editors, for editors, Vimond IO’s SaaS cloud architecture provides customers with the right flexibility, low maintenance and performance they require.

With Vimond IO and Zixi, customers can achieve a quick turnaround for remote productions demanded by applications such as news and sports.

This webinar has already aired. To view the previously recorded webinar, click here.