Check out the Latest in ZEN Master

Posted October 4, 2018


With new ZEN Master features and improvements coming fast, we have summarized a few of this month’s high points in this blog post.

If you would like to learn more about how ZEN Master will make your Zixi Platform workflow (including Zixi Enabled Network partner OEMs) scale to meet enterprise-level needs, we would be happy to demonstrate the many features at your leisure.

Hitless Failover configuration for Sources
ZEN Master now allows for configuration of Hitless Failover, which provides seamless switching between multiple binary identical source streams. V12 Broadcaster is required for Hitless Failover. To enable Hitless Failover, Add a new source and select Hitless Failover.

Next, select two or more binary identical sources

and save the new source. The new Hitless Failover source can then be added to a channel like any other source.

Notification Mute and Acknowledge

When muting notifications, the user can now specify that the mute should be active until a date/time, after which it will automatically unmute.

Additionally, the user can now acknowledge an error state on an item.

When acknowledged, the red light on the item will be a lighter shade of red and a check mark will display next to the item showing it is in an acknowledged state.

The item will also not be counted in the error totals in the Dashboard Status

nor on the left-hand pane of the ZEN Master page.

Finally, the acknowledged item will not display on the OPEN ISSUES list in the Dashboard.

Free form Notes

The user can now enter free form notes on objects in ZEN Master including Feeders, Broadcast Clusters, Receivers, Sources, Channels, and Targets.

Notes are autosaved as they are typed.

Broadcaster Bandwidth Limits

Input/output bandwidth limits for monitoring can now be set on the Advanced page when adding or configuring a Broadcast cluster.

When the bandwidth on a Broadcaster in a cluster exceeds the cluster limit, the Broadcast cluster will go immediately to an Error event. If notifications are enabled, bandwidth events will create notifications the same as other events.

For clusters with manually created Broadcasters, the bandwidth limit can be set on the manual Broadcaster on the Advance page.

Limits on the manual Broadcaster takes precedence over limits on the Broadcaster cluster.