ZEN Master Product Update

Posted April 2, 2019

With new ZEN Master features and improvements coming fast, we have summarized just a few of this month’s high points in this blog post.
If you would like to learn more about how ZEN Master will make your Zixi Platform workflow (including Zixi Enabled Network partner OEMs) scale to meet enterprise-level needs, we would be happy to demonstrate the many features at your leisure.

A summary of ZEN Master product updates during the month of April 2019:

Stream Visualization

ZEN Master now includes Stream Visualizations – an easy reporting display Zixi created to graphically illustrate the components that make up a ZEN Master Channel: Sources, Targets, Feeders, Broadcasters, Receivers, and Clusters, and the connections between these components.

For each of these components, their current state is shown as well as additional details, and a link to navigate directly to each component’s page is also shown.

Stream Visualizations can be customized to display vertically or horizontally, and you can zoom in and out on any segment without affecting orientation.

Set Custom Broadcaster Cluster Alert Thresholds

When adding or editing a Broadcaster Cluster in ZEN Master, users can modify the error alert threshold values for Broadcaster CPU usage, Memory usage, Hard Drive usage, GPU usage, GPU Memory usage to meet their needs. Warning alerts threshold values for GPU Decoder usage and GPU Encoder usage can now also be set according to individual needs.

Control HLS/DASH Segment Configurations

ZEN Master users can now add or edit a Broadcaster Cluster to modify segment count and durations for HLS and DASH streams.