Get actionable insights & timely solutions when managing complex cross-workflow monitoring

Posted March 1, 2022

Zixi’s Andrew Broadstone sits down with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB+) News to discuss how Zixi’s Intelligent Data Platform (IDP) integrates AI/ML processing of large data sets to clearly identify actionable insights and to dramatically reduce time-to-resolution.  The complete APB+ article is featured here.

With broadcasters and media organisations looking for improved workflow efficiencies during a challenging business environment, the transition to software-defined infrastructures has continued to gain momentum.

A key strength of software-defined infrastructures, according to Andrew Broadstone, Senior Director of Product Management, Zixi, is the enabling of more agile workflows comprising on-premise and cloud assets.

“These are controlled by both broadcasters and their content and affiliate partners, and these workflows can be assembled quickly,” Broadstone told APB+. “Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), in turn, can enable broadcasters to understand the performance of these complex systems.

“This gives them a heads-up on problems during live playout and to see where instabilities are emerging, leading to higher operator confidence in more dynamic and complex configurations.”

To help broadcasters oversee, manage and deeply understand their inputs and outputs, Zixi is offering the Intelligent Data Platform (IDP), which uses advanced analytics, AI and ML to intelligently alert users to problems before they happen — through alerts, graphs, maps, charts, and data visualisations. This enables users to quickly interpret vast amounts of stream data and ensure broadcast-quality results.

Broadstone elaborated, “The Zixi IDP Insights feature visualises where irregularities and problems are emerging in complex workflows over time among hundreds or thousands of channels a broadcaster may be managing. It helps operators and engineers see which channels need attention, calling out outliers, allowing the user to drill-down to root causes quickly.”

Users can use the Zixi IDP Incidents feature to view details about signal degradation, and identify the correlated causes down to detailed network and content measurements. “It facilitates sharing relevant details to quickly cross organisational silos and solve problems that require multiple teams,” said Broadstone.

He also highlighted the Zixi IDP Health Score feature, which uses real-time machine learning to give operators a heads-up about problems up to two hours before they happen.

While broadcasters and media companies continue to look for ways to cut costs, save time, and improve quality, the move to hybrid workflows is also opening up new opportunities to be more dynamic, Broadstone pointed out.

“This includes adding content and distribution partners, quickly routing around network problems, and generally being more agile with fewer resources,” he said. “These workflows can also be more complex to manage and will increase the demand for analytics solutions that help operators see problems before they happen and respond quickly when they do.

“These imperatives will continue to drive the adoption of AI and ML solutions like the Zixi Intelligent Data Platform.”

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